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  ҉   bold great daisies golden lights / bubbling roses pinks and whites – / such a gay carpet! poppies by the million! / such damask! such vermillion!   ҉

what's new?

  • apr. 1: maundy thursday!
  • apr. 1: happy wasteland day!!
    • i was neither living nor dead, and i knew nothing / looking into the heart of light, the silence...
  • apr. 4: easter sunday! ♡
  • apr. 5: hemingway premiere @ 8 pm!
  • apr. 6: 1917 day !!!!!!!
    • so these ones are all goners?
    • oh no, they’ll grow again when the stones rot. you’ll end up with more trees than you had before.
  • apr. 6: 104 years ago today the united states enters the great war... !!
  • apr. 7: first (and only thank u GOD) vaccine dose!
  • apr. 9: edward thomas day ╥﹏╥
    • that easter monday was a day for praise / it was such a lovely morning...
  • apr. 12: baker's birthday!!
  • apr. 14: mikey's birthday! ◡̈
  • apr. 20: my half birthday!! :0)
  • apr. 23: st. george's day! (patron saint of england)
  • apr. 25: al pacino's birthday ♡♡♡
  • apr. 30: ralph's birthday!!!!!!! ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜


  • ✓ start planting seeds :0)
  • ✓ keep writing script for camp nano!


  • dipping my toes into philosophy... heidegger and dear ludwig and the handsome but troubled kierkegaard, foucault and nietzsche and the mischievous montaigne.... i love it here
  • the comment section on patti smith's substack !!! it's such a sweet little community, everyone sharing their thoughts with one another, telling stories or relating theories or simply leaving a heart for patti... and everyone kind and positive, always. i'm so glad this space exists, it's like getting a new book from patti each week, i couldn't have dreamed of a better gift :0)


  • dean's been cast in another film about medieval england how we feeling ladies HOW WE FEELING !!!!!!
  • loving these days spent lying on my blanket in the grass, drenched in early spring sunshine and the warm kindness of azure skies, reading some mary oliver, jotting down a line or two in my notebook, closing my eyes and sleeping as the breeze wanders by... i love the spring <3

good things about the month

  • lovely white blossoms on the cherry tree; light cavalry overture; baking a clementine cake with the last of my clems; our bright golden forsythia; breezy days, my new wind chime singing sweetly into the afternoon; trips to the flea market; daffodils everywhere; lovingly crafting my first world war literature display; lying in the grass; naps in the sun; raspberry iced coffees; paul ricoeur; the happy reds and pinks of the tulips; kate's well-deserved guggenheim fellowship; collecting blossoms at dusk for my redbud jelly; spending all of my days off outside, walking and reading for hours and hours; pride and prejudice; grape hyacinths blooming; planting the first seeds of the season; going braless at work and embracing my inner rachel green; scott joplin tunes; buying a new first edition blunden... i love my beloved, my sweetest poet; transplanting my seedlings with dad – they've grown so tall so quickly! i'm so proud; mads mikkelsen in another round; strawberry dragonfruit refresher; the full moon rising over the hills; wittgenstein and kierkegaard; obsessively organizing the philosophy section at work; baking my raspberry lemon poppy seed cake for ralph's birthday;
apr 1 2021 ∞
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