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— ❝ perennially boyish american character actor known for his dark, somber demeanor, stark versatility and bizarre, off-the-wall performances in cutting edge contemporary films.

tis i, the local giovanni ribisi love bot ♡⋆⑅˚₊


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  • boiler room
    • gigi cries i turn into mcfreaking niagara falls i don't make the rules !!!! he's my baby !!!!!!
  • cold mountain
  • gangster squad
  • heaven
  • lost in translation ↺
  • mind ripper
    • 90s giovanni in a big shirt with a bigger dumb smile, laughing weirdly and listening to punk music w the volume maxed out. i could be describing at least 5 of his characters we LOVE a typecasted boy
      • the absolute QUANTUM LEAP he took with saving private ryan. i'm shaking.
  • ♡♡ saving private ryan
  • selma
  • sky captain and the world of tomorrow
  • suburbia
  • that thing you do!
  • ♡ the bad batch
    • "i wish they'd stop making pennies... i hate them. i hate em!"
  • the mod squad
    • 90s giovanni playing a chaotic dumbass with a funky laugh. no one was surprised!!!!
      • [daniel day-lewis voice] i drink it up...
  • the postman
    • this entire 3 hour film was just an origin story for giovanni's character in the bad batch send tweet

television: the x-files

  • ♡ season 3 episode 3: dpo
    • writer howard gordon described the episode's concept as "beavis and butthead electrified." my tastes are SO predictable i'm

television: friends

  • the one with the baby on the bus
  • the one with the bullies
  • the one with frank jr.
  • the one with the hypnosis tape
  • the one with phoebe's uterus
  • the one with the embryos
  • the one with the free porn
  • the one hundredth
  • the one where ross is fine

television: sneaky pete

  • season one
  • season two
  • season three
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