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let it be, whatever it will be. i give myself to it.

what's new?

  • sept. 2: the war in the pacific ends
  • sept. 4: leave for richmond!
    • i took the train to richmond that fell / it was a time i remember oh so well... !
  • sept. 7: come home!
  • sept. 7: labor day!
  • sept. 7: happy birthday dean-charles !!!! (´。• ᵕ •。`)
    • i love you mullet boy !!!!!!! ♡♡
  • sept. 17: (1)9/17 day (✿´◡`✿)
  • sept. 22: first day of autumn!
  • sept. 26: meuse–argonne offensive begins in 1918 †


  • finish the great war and modern memory
  • ✓ draft prelim. biographical sections for mims + kit cat
    • ✓ 5 hours of research on aviation, ellington field (5/5)
    • ✓ 5 hours of research on the sanitary corps (5/5)
  • ✓ figure out how a book proposal works
    • ✓ learn what the university press requires for a proposal


  • edmund blunden still um. yea
  • autumn iced latte flavors !!!!!! <33


  • more rejection letters... ahh what a lovely collection i'm growing :")
  • not me having a dream about sassoon + robert graves and sass asking me how my playwriting has been going... the war poets are HOUNDING me
    • can edmund come badger me next <3
  • going through the drive-thru at dunkin like "hi can i have an iced latte please" and the girl on the other end giggling abt something someone inside the store was saying to her and me giggling back and then the two of us just busting out laughing in the MIDDLE OF THE DRIVE THRU
    • justin sitting in the passenger seat like. this is by far the most dana thing you have ever done

good things about the month

  • edmund's poetry; writing at all hours; getting back into hemingway; richmond !! such a fun trip; long walks and blue skies; botanical gardens!! oh, the roses were so beautiful, esp. the queen elizabeths; two days spent at the museum of fine arts, renewing my art history dream; the rothko painting; belle isle and the canal walk; delightful rolled ice cream; crepe myrtles everywhere; coming back home and getting back to writing; george bellows drawings; pumpkin spice almond milk creamer; a moveable feast; iced caramel apple lattes; octavia butler's brilliant affirmations; first trip to the used bookstore in months; a. sitting down to edit with a latte + writing to say she thought of me; the war poets, as always, as ever; evening walks through the trees, the autumn dusk seeping like fire through the leaves; time-softened blouses; reading and crying over averno; drinking mason jar after mason jar of fresh cold water; trips to dunkin; slicing up apples + taking them on my morning walk; saying hello to the deer;
sep 1 2020 ∞
oct 1 2020 +