everything i've read this month! i am resting, refreshing, and remaining open to inspiration in these weeks before nanowrimo begins <3


  • louise glück @ washington square review
  • ali smith's interview with the paris review
  • grace paley's interview with the paris review
  • jonas mekas on the early days of new york's avant-garde
  • jonas mekas on the future of the avant-garde
  • truman capote's interview with the paris review
  • louise glück on winning the nobel prize

short stories

  • a hunger artist – franz kafka
  • it – norman mailer


  • over the whole wood: robert graves and the significance of david thomas – anne marsh penton
  • five ways to look at malevich’s black square
  • a brief history of "happenings" in 1960s new york
  • swept away by a dark current: the plays of eugene o'neill
  • how a rare and ancient manuscript moved me to write a novel
  • writers and their favorite tools
  • the essence of kafkaesque
  • hilary mantel on how writers learn to trust themselves
  • for hilary mantel, there's no time like the past
  • on sylvia plath's creative breakthrough at the yaddo artists' colony


  • the book of delights – ross gay
  • drifts – kate zambreno
  • still life with oysters and lemon: on objects and intimacy – mark doty
  • the great war and modern memory – paul fussell
  • drive your plow over the bones of the dead – olga tokarczuk
  • intimations – zadie smith
  • the mercies – kiran millwood hargrave
  • break the bodies, haunt the bones – micah dean hicks


  • antigonick – anne carson ⟲
  • fences – august wilson
  • desire under the elms – eugene o'neill
  • journey's end – r.c. sherriff
  • orpheus descending – tennessee williams
  • cat on a hot tin roof – tennessee williams
  • absurd person singular – alan ayckbourn


  • a village life – louise glück


  • i had nowhere to go – jonas mekas
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