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the intertextuality of it all...

7/8/20: everything a writer needs!

shut up.... kings of riding public transport xoxo

waters and lynch.... my freaking dream team !!!

not entirely sure where my mental health would be if it weren't for this man and his daily weather reports and his woodworking videos and his "it's so beautiful... it's just so beautiful!" ... i for one love my space cadet husband

ishiguro's dream logic observations, penned with the intention of writing the unconsoled using the unreality of dreams as narrative structure

david byrne..... invented fashion

jul 1 2020 ∞
aug 1 2020 +
user picture july: oh to be a godard character! ps. i was inspired by your notebook series. they're all so lovely. jul 7 2020
user picture dana: t'would be the dream!! and thank you so much, lovely! your notebook looks gorgeous :0)