what's new?

  • aug. 1: emily's 22nd !! :D
  • aug. 1: joe elliott's birthday!! my honey!!! ♡
  • aug. 2: interview @ 10 am
  • aug. 3: dave's 24th birthday :0)
  • aug. 14: solemnity of the assumption of mary
    • holy day of obligation — mass @ 7:00
  • aug. 17: work 8:45 — 5:15
  • aug. 18: work 1:30 — 5:15
  • aug. 28: aunt holly's birthday!
  • aug. 29: hiking w xander @ 9 am
  • aug. 30: two months ♡♡♡

goals — complete!

  • read through three screenplays
    • badlands
    • hacksaw ridge
    • lost in translation
  • finish ko-fi profile
  • sign up for photography class
  • fill journal entirely, front to back
    • should bring script to 120 pages
  • send aunt holly a birthday card
  • draw for 5 minutes everyday
    • week one
    • week two
    • week three
    • week four


  • wyatt + fletcher shears
  • quentin "the bad binch" tarantino


  • 1940s men's fashion (ノ `・∀・)ノ゙
  • motown!!!!
  • maintaining color schemes across sketchbook spreads :0)
  • playing the apple stem twist game !!!!
    • the amount of apples i've consumed in order to confirm that giovanni is, in fact, my one true and fated love,,,, doctors fear me


  • untitled drama
    • feature film screenplay


  • band of brothers


  • finding both apocalypse now and full metal jacket at the thrift store.... my two favorite films PLEASE i yelled so loud
  • buying a second copy of saving private ryan at said thrift store even though my first copy just came in the mail.... PLEASE my mom yelled so loud
  • getting a brain blast for a new screenplay while listening to abba in the car, pulling out a notebook for it and scribbling my ideas down, and then respectfully putting it aside instead of diving into writing it bc i love and cherish my current script so much, i'll give it all the time it deserves, and then if i still love my new idea by the time draft 1 is finished only then will i explore it. that's called Character Development babey. growing as a writer is so sexy
  • my poetry steeped in themes concerning the pity of war [handshake emoji] making references to "the soldier" by rupert brooke [handshake emoji] roger waters writing "the gunner's dream"
    • possibly my most niche meme yet
  • new job,, i love all my coworkers so much already :(
  • uhh,, so. i'm at work. and this old man walks in wearing a jacket that has a screaming eagle patch on it. and i'm like !! oh my goodness that's the 101st airborne! and he's like !! ur right! and so i tell him i watched/am reading band of brothers AND HE'S LIKE YEA I'M THE NEPHEW OF RICHARD WINTERS (the!!!!!! major winters!!!!!!) WOW i almost passed out!!! he was like i've met all the guys many many times I SCREAMED! he knows babe!!!! he knows my sweet boy babe heffron!!!!!! in real life!!!!! he was so sweet n shook my hand he seemed so happy to meet someone who knew the airborne. i'm crying i love him
  • finishing my first script notebook !!!! i wrote so many pages this month !!!! absolutely delicious !!!!
  • sitting on the floor of the used bookstore w xander, counting out the change we needed to buy a $2.95 copy of ulysses, going up to the register w said change and the cute metalhead who works there smiling n shaking his head like who are these crazy people,,, my heart is lit rally enormous


  • may i just say steven price's score for fury,, masterpiece. absolute masterpiece! the like,, teutonic chant? evoking the image of the "machine" of the ss, the use of percussive metals to evoke the ACTUAL machine-driven, mechanized warfare of wwii, esp. the fact that the film. is literally about an armored division. the grittiness,, the feeling as though you're scrabbling forward trying to gain a foothold,, you can FEEL the desperation of the third reich, it's april 1945 and the allies are literally IN germany tearing the place apart. incredible. THE FINAL piece. absolutely soars as though there were some sort of victory gained? it's like the musical embodiment of a pyrrhic victory. i'm gonna pass out i suddenly miss film scoring more than anything
  • hear me out universe please just. cast daniel brühl as a cowboy. p please. HE CAN DITCH THE GERMAN ACCENT I SWEAR


  • edward "babe" heffron more like edward "i am baby" heffron i seriously could not adore u more
  • [with an incredibly heavy south philly accent] JOE TOYE


  • i was put on earth to face the blank page!
    • quentin tarantino on screenwriting
  • ❝ as a writer, i demand the right to write any character in the world that i want to write. i demand the right to be them, i demand the right to think them and i demand the right to tell the truth as i see they are. ❞ — quentin tarantino on screenwriting
  • ❝ he is a raw male force, driving forward; toward what, one cannot tell. then one looks closer and sees the inevitable. the clock spring cannot be wound continually tighter. as the earth moves toward the sun, travis bickle moves toward violence.
    • paul schrader, from the screenplay taxi driver
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