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  • sept. 2: labor day
  • sept. 5: freddie mercury's birthday!! :0)
  • sept. 14: anniversary weekend starts
  • sept. 17: 157th anniversary celebration
  • sept. 18: bookstore w xander @ 11 am
  • sept. 23: autumn equinox - fall begins!
    • sun at 12 hours right ascension
  • sept. 25: photography class @ 6:30
  • sept. 26: remembrance day - 101 years
  • sept. 27: new york film festival begins
    • the irishman premieres! let's go scorsese let's go!!


  • finish act 2 of screenplay!! :0)
  • read ryan gosling gq issue
    • ry gos i um. love u more than anything
  • start keeping german notes in notebook
  • reach 4 hours of practice on lingodeer
  • finish medical science book
    • bonus challenge: start amputation book
  • draw a 5 min portrait everyday
    • week one
    • week two
    • week three
    • week four


  • paul schrader, king of the screenwriters
  • david lynch,, that crazy old boy


  • the fact that i can study whatever on earth i want to now that i've graduated university
    • me studying anatomy + physiology for my screenplay, the rise of medical science in america, german, and having book club with xander: this is THE best day of my life !!!!
  • battle born by the killers,,, thanks so much for the raging bull reference in flesh and bone! thanks for my life mr. de niro!
  • drawing hands.... i lov hands
  • robert de niro films. i'm love him but we already knew that
  • the expansive, ethereal soundscapes of lynch's work from the 80s + 90s... badalamenti i'm gonna cry i love u


  • untitled drama
    • feature film screenplay


  • twin peaks — seasons 1 + 2


  • going on a bike ride with dad, the chain on his bike breaking, and me having to literally drag him behind my bike for 5 MILES. USING A GRAPEVINE FOR A ROPE. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARDDD the leg workout i got.....incredible
  • exsqueeze me but ,,, did i just acquire the pulp fiction screenplay and the shooting script for inception for only $7? exsqueeze me ???
    • also thank u cute metalhead for making every visit to the used bookstore the greatest day of my life. imagine having the cutest smile in the world imagine being him
  • when ur crush brings u a rlly gruesome book on war medicine bc he knows ur reading a bunch of books on the subject :( and it's his copy :( and giving books is your love language :( romance is not dead ladies !!!! [immediately cracks book open to page about amputation]


  • quentin "the bad binch" tarantino is the biggest freak and his scripts are absolutely insane but i'm so glad he's out there making films like,, thank u for representing the little guy quent. thank u for making it seem like anything is possible,, g*sh i admire him so much. his filmmaking roots,,,, his tenacity,,,, i haven't stopped shaking once i love-hate him


  • special agent dale cooper,, mwah!! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ can't say i've ever cried so many times out of pure love for someone before,, gosh i love my soulmate!


  • ❝ a film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. ❞ — orson welles on filmmaking
  • ❝ pick up a camera. shoot something. no matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. put your name on it as director. now you're a director. everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee. ❞
    • james cameron, advice for aspiring filmmakers
  • ❝ the desire to pray itself is a type of prayer. how often we ask for genuine experience when all we really want is emotion. my hand shakes as i write these lines. ❞
    • paul schrader, from the screenplay first reformed
  • ❝ you don't have to know how to make a movie. you don't have to go to school, you don't have to know lenses, fuck all that shit, crossing the line, none of that shit's important. if you truly love cinema with all your heart, and with enough passion, you can't help but make a good movie. ❞
    • quentin tarantino, advice for aspiring filmmakers
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