mum's got an orchard, back home. only a few trees. this time of year it looks like it's been snowing, blossoms everywhere. and then in may, we have to pick them. me and joe. takes the whole day.

what's new?

  • may 1: international workers day!
  • may 3: constitution day in poland
  • may 8: 75th anniversary of ve day!!
  • may 10: mother's day ♡ :0)
  • may 15: lovey's birthday !!!!!
  • may 15: expedition papers deadline
  • may 16: abigail's graduation!
  • may 18: the 103rd leaves for europe
  • may 18: festival begins in hay-on-wye
  • may 19: sorley's birthday!!!! ♡♡
  • may 25: memorial day
  • may 28: me and justie day! ♡_♡ mwah!!!
  • may 31: pentecost sunday


  • ✓ submit to the expedition papers
  • ✓ celebrate sorley's birthday ♡♡♡


  • henry hotspur percy !!! ♡♡♡
  • writing, research, writing, research, the blistering joy of finding exactly what you needed when you were least expecting it, writing, research, writing, research, writing...
  • thomas of lancaster,, as usual,, why is it that i'm always half-asleep when i come up with the best dialogue for my dream play about him that i'll never actually write,,
    • me, if i have my wits about me: [opens the notes app to catch the idea while it's hot] [literally blinds myself on minimal screen brightness]


  • drinking coffee, eating cherry pie, and writing, writing, writing, pausing only to contemplate how lovely it would be to have dale cooper at my side, king of the coffee/cherry pie combo
  • i put together my writing portfolio, aka everything i've written since i graduated this time last year and... wow. i've written so much ?? eight (8!) plays, tv + film scripts, dozens and dozens of poems, short stories, novellas, essays, articles, and of course my personal journal and research notebook... gary i'm proud of us !!!
  • me and j's anniversary... driving around to all our favorite spots, ac/dc on endless loop, skating together at the skatepark, piggyback rides and that dumb crooked smile of his... how did i get so lucky? where did this talented and brilliant and honey-hearted and too tall and ridiculous and hard-working and stupidly competitive guy come from ?? i don't know him!

good things about the month

  • dried montmorency cherries for breakfast; almonds, almonds, almonds; meditation; writing lots of articles; trading pieces with xander and giving one another feedback; losing track of time doing research; 5+ hours a day spent on ancestry and newspapers, precious free trials; joan didion; shakespeare; tenderly latticing my pie, of course it's cherry; david lynch's daily weather reports; driving with the windows down; story published in the expedition paper project; archived interviews from the paris review every sunday; foxglove, larkspur; reflecting on a year since graduation; westerns in the afternoon; warm weather; reading patti's books over and over again; copies of the new yorker in the mail, dreaming about being a staff writer; iced coffee in mason jars, always; longer days; ideas from aristotle; curling up in the adirondack chair, chasing butterflies with my eyes; revelations scribbled on post-it notes; justie kisses; wrapping up a month of good writing and great research
may 1 2020 ∞
jun 1 2020 +