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  • à ton deuxième naufrage, n'accuse pas la mer
  • once is a mistake, twice its your choice
  • tout n'est pas bon à dire et à raconter
  • two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
  • action speak louder than words
  • nobody cares about your love life on social media
  • everything happens for a reason
  • what is fun to me may not be fun to you - and vice versa
  • acknowledge your feelings
  • if you talk behind someone's back, it will do you more harm than good
  • family first
  • god is real
  • don't let the "perfect" be the enemy of the "good".
  • also, don't let the "perfect" be the enemy of "done"
  • if you want to connect and spend quality time with your friends, don't take them to a club
  • writing down what makes you feel anxious or sad makes you feel 85% better
  • being productive makes you very very happy
  • opening the windows while you are lying in bed in the morning and feeling the fresh air is always a good idea
  • focus on god & jesus everyday
  • you will never regret waking up and starting your day early
  • doing chores and errands in the morning is way better than doing them in the afternoon
  • don't take your health for granted
  • use everyday or toss it
  • never stay in an abusive relationship
  • love yourself first
  • don't post pictures of you and your boyfriend if the relationship doesn't feel stable
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