Thursday, May 12

  • Ate part of a chocolate bunny and a whole chocolate covered marshmellow

Friday, May 13

  • Read four treasured childhood picture books: "The King, the Mice and the Cheese," "Moonflute," "Have You Seen Trees?", "Sleep Book"

Saturday, May 14

  • Ate dessert for breakfast! A (rather large) mango mousse and chocolate cake tart topped with fruit.

Sunday, May 15

  • Had my annual atypical birthday party that my mother is pleasantly surprised to find works! Tore up paper into little pieces and talked to them (apparently I did this in preschool). Went to bed before 10.

Monday, May 16

  • Watched The Land Before Time. "If we hold on together..." <3

Tuesday, May 17

  • Played Mancala! I am the reigning champion of the Ostmann-Paterno household! Muahahaha!

Wednesday, May 18

  • Played dress-up and make believe at my second home. Did "Bend & Stretch" with Jamie. Had family story time with board books - "The Mitten," "Owl Babies," "The Runaway Bunny," "Time for Bed." Listened to my "My First Favorite Tunes" album on iTunes when it was time for bed.

And indeed, it is time for bed - for me and for my childhood. It's been a beautiful, blessed, nurturing, powerful 18 years. That's why I know there will be many more to come. World, bring what you may. I'm ready.

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