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~A Connections List for Fun~

  • The reason for this list, Lovelyz and Oh My Girl on 151119 Behind the Show
    • Includes Soul being revealed as a Seunghee fangirl and Mijoo dancing to Closer
  • The oldest member and leader was born in July, is short, likes Tori Kelly, and composes with the piano
    • Hyojung - 07/28/1994, has composed several logo songs and made the aegyo songs
    • Soul - 07/06/1992, wrote and released a solo song
  • The youngest member was born in June
    • Arin - 06/18/1999
    • Yein - 06/04/1998
  • Each group has only one member with blood type B and born in 1996
    • Seunghee - 01/25/1996
    • Jin - 06/12/1996
  • Mijoo and Jiho were both born in Okcheon.
  • Sujeong graduated with Jiho from SOPA.
  • Digipedi and Sunnyvisual have produced their MVs
    • Digipedi - Liar Liar and Windy Day; everything before Twinkle
    • Sunnyvisual - Closer, Secret Garden, BAM, Remember Me, SSFWL; That Day, Wag-zak, probably Beautiful Days
  • They have had a radio show with the same Laboum members
    • 160425 - Hyojung, Seunghee, and Binnie with Laboum's Yujeong, Soyeon, and Haein
    • 141129 - Soul, Mijoo, Kei, Sujeong with Laboum's Yujeong, Soyeon, Haein, Solbin
  • Slow Motion was covered by Seunghee on 160408 Moonlight Paradise and Kei sings a line on 160502 Super K-pop
  • An outfit comparison
  • had some kind of connection with each other's senior male group
    • Oh My Girl were in the intro of 2014 sbs gayo daejun lucky boys performance which included Infinite's L
    • Lovelyz sang to What's Happening on Yein's 2016 birthday V live
    • Seunghee and Mimi were on Sugarman with Infinite's Woohyun
    • Kei was in the musical Around Thirty with B1A4's Sandeul
  • A member whose name starts with J is strong against ghosts
    • Jisoo (Lovelyz Diary Season 3)
    • Jiho (160614 Show Champion)
  • 160710 - Mijoo and YooA had an Inkigayo dance stage (Ultra Dance Festival) with other girl group members (RV's Seulgi, Sonamoo's Euijin, DIA's Eunjin, Twice's Mina)
  • 160801 - During Jisoo's chat with fans, she said that she's close to Binnie, wants to be friends with Hyojung, and is friends with YooA's brother and YooA.
  • 160810 - On Weekly Idol, YooA confirmed that Jisoo is her fan (or they're friends or whatever)
  • Kei and Seunghee were on Girl Spirit.
  • Mijoo and YooA have been on Hit the Stage.
  • A member of the group whose stage name starts with B has interviewed a member of the male group from their company (whose name starts with S) for their solo promotions on MV Bank Stardust
    • 150513 - Babysoul interviewed Sunggyu for his promotions for Kontrol
    • 161005 - Binnie interviewed Sandeul for his promotions for Stay as You Are
  • Kei and YooA/Jiho have been on Wednesday Food Talk
  • Both had their first concert in Bluesquare Samsung Card Hall
    • Oh My Girl - Summer Fairytale
    • Lovelyz - Lovelyz in Winterland
  • ISAC Interactions
  • Sujeong and YooA were on Idol Drama Operation Team
    • Relevant sources are the IDOT Kiss the Radio appearance and Episode 8 of IDOT Behind the Scenes
  • YooA mentioned Jisoo, Kei and Sujeong on her solo v live on 171122
  • Both groups won on The Show and then did a live interview after
    • Twinkle (2nd win), then Celuv TV
    • Secret Garden (1st win), then Heyo TV
  • Hyojung and Mijoo are friends (after ISAC?, source: 180126 Celuv TV, Star Interview)
  • Both groups did a Goblin parody on their individual reality show
    • Miracle Expedition Ep 5
    • Lovelyz Loves Canada Ep 2 and 3
  • Both groups performed with umbrellas to cover a song
    • TwoYoo Project Sugarman Season 2 Ep 7
    • Immortal Songs Ep 262
  • One of the members did a solo OST for Mystery Queen 2
    • Hyojung - Part 1 - 사르르(Sarr)
    • Kei - Part 2 - 요즘 너 요즘 나
  • Both groups have songs titled Secret Garden and Knock Knock
  • They both served as models for Secret Attack
  • They were on Super Junior's Super TV Season 2
    • Oh My Girl - Ep 4
    • Lovelyz - Ep 2
  • They had back to back Immortal Songs 2 Episodes twice
    • Episode 358 (Seunghee) and Episode 359 (Soul, Mijoo, Kei, Sujeong)
    • Episode 362 (Seunghee) and Episode 363 (Kei)
  • One of the members changed their legal name
    • Yooa changed it to Shiah before debut
    • Mijoo changed it to Seungah 3 years after debut
  • Both groups were on Queendom
    • Oh My Girl covered Destiny
    • Lovelyz did not cover an Oh My Girl song because of Mnet bonus game reward
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