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  • When I am feeling pleased or teasing, I often press my tongue to the front or back of my right (and always right, never left) lateral incisor & canine, with my mouth open. I'm sure it sometimes gets mistaken for sexual interest.
  • I teach myself how to to do things just to amuse myself (ex: raise both eyebrows one at a time when I could only do it initially with my right)
    • I raise my left eyebrow more than my right now
  • I eat types of food and candy colours on certain sides of my mouth, depending on how I feel about it. Preferred things go on the right.
  • I eat ice cream with a fork 90% of the time.
  • I don't like sleeping with a top sheet, and if I have to then I will pull it completely un-tucked so I can stick my feet out the end if I want.
  • When I get cuts I rub sanitizer on them instead of Polysporin because I like the sharp sting before it stops hurting.
  • I have to brush my teeth as the first or second thing I do after I get out of bed, or else I will forget to for the rest of the day. I will remember everything else no matter what order I do them in, but never this.
  • If people put certain things away differently than I do, in my house or at work, I will rearrange things to my liking.
  • I will not eat a grilled cheese sandwich if there is no ketchup to eat it with.
  • I highlight interesting/useful/liked words in the dictionary.
  • When I use public bathrooms I always rip the bottom 6 inches (or whatever) off of the last touched toilet paper and throw it out before getting my own.
  • I sometimes like to eat vanilla ice cream with spoonfuls of peanut butter.
  • If I'm having a shower, I won't wash my hair if I know I'm going to be doing something the next day that will make me sweat and need to wash it then, even if it's been over 3 days since I last washed it.
  • I chew at my bottom lip a lot. When it is healing, I will bite or tear off the dead skin or freshly healed skin in order to make my lip feel smooth to my tongue.
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