• Before you start reading I want you to know that I don't get my profile from any website. I wrote everything on my page, by my self, and I make my layouts. So,DON'T TAKE MY SHIT. hi if you didn't already know, now you do, I'm Ashley, but i prefer to be called Ash. I don't really use my last name, those few people that do know it are my life. I'm a very shy girl, not to mention giggly. I speak my mind.I think I'm probably one of the happiest people alive, no one can bring me down for too long. I don't think I have ever completely fallen "in love" with someone, due to some problems i happen to have. I have very little best friends, and a ton of friends. I don't think anyone actually knows all about me. I pass time by talking, hangout with friends, myspace, listening to music, imvu,and thinking. I pretty much think about the same thing all day. If we ever met, you'd probably love me, I'm one of the funnest/funniest people ever! I plan on moving far when I'm older, I wanna get out and away from everything, and everyone. I am single, but don't flirt with me or hit on me, I don't want you, nor do you want me. I am far from pretty, at least I think so, I have a high self esteem, but I do have my days. I love my friends and I swear if you fuck with them I'll kill you and your family.kbyethnx. I keep to myself, it's going to take me a while to like you or get use to you...or even call you my friend.. I'm not vapid, at least I don't think I am. I don't do stupid things to get someones attention, I just end up looking stupid cause I get nervous. I base people on looks, yes I'm very shallow, after the looks, it goes to personality. If they're an ass, then I'll be an ass right back ;D I'm pretty laid back, and outgoing if you get to know me, but I can also be a prick ;D. You choose. I'm done here, so feel free to ask me anything. I might give it to you. & Talk to me ; message meh ;D
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