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  • Use the words "hate" or "never".
    • Or any absolutes. There are no absolutes in life.
  • Complain.
  • Say, "I'm bored".
    • If you're bored, you're boring!
  • Forget to use my turn signals.
  • Be intentionally rude or mean.
  • Eat unhealthy.
  • Sleep in too late/waste the day away.
  • Go more than a day or two without exercising.
  • Judge people on appearances.
  • Text/use my phone excessively in the company of friends & family.
  • Lose my temper.
  • Spend money I don't have.
  • Spend money on too many 'wants' over 'needs'.
  • Read/watch/pay attention to celebrity gossip bull shit.
  • Procrastinate. I really do try not to, it just usually doesn't work :/
  • Take my loved ones for granted.
  • Take my life and the wonderful things about it for granted.
  • Let my living space get excessively messy.
  • Take my own frustrations out on other people.
  • Go too long without doing/making something creative.
  • Become stagnant/stuck in my ways.
  • Spend too much time on the internet (Listography doesn't help!)/Watch too much t.v.
  • Go too long without taking some sort of trip. Even if it's just for the day to a town an hour away.
  • Text while driving.
  • Kill anything.
    • Even insects.
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user picture katie: all of your lists are wonderful, really. i'm like your little fangirl. [: dec 27 2009
user picture amycaroline: I concur with Katie, your lists make my day a little better. :) jul 30 2011
user picture Bliss: Thanks everyone, very much! :) aug 2 2011