• isaw (baboy, manok, bulaklak! omg) fried too
  • balut
  • barbecue (tastes better when my mum feeds me w/ her hand)
  • pizza (hawaiian, shrimp, no olives pls, as long as there's a bit of sweetness in it [do u hate me now?]) w/ hot sauce & tomato ketchup
  • ban-ban egg - my recipe hehe (beat egg, add salt, pour into pan [medium-high heat], -shortly after- crack another egg onto scrambled egg, add a little salt, slightly break the yolk, fold them in half -right away-, flip yes it's messy but i like it like that ) w/ cold rice & ketchup
  • hotdog w/ hot rice drowning in ketchup
  • hotdog sandwich (+ the classic ketchup & mustard but hotdog should be spicy but it's ok if not)
  • jollibee spaghetti & burger
  • bulgogi burger
  • fries (salted only, sour cream & onion/cheese sometimes if good)
  • kowloon house siopao (w/ hot sauce) but any siopao is ok too
  • siomai house siomai
  • lumpia
  • sweet & sour pork (not savory)
  • fried & roasted chicken
  • bulalo w/ lots of bone marrow

ketchup is lyf

i can eat almost anything EXCEPT :

  • any raw food (sushi sometimes, sashimi, rare steak, oyster, etc.)
  • bittergourd
  • okra (feels like eating others' saliva) ew
  • eggplant flesh (i only like the skin)
  • binagoongan (because i believe bagoong alamang is only meant for sour mango no more no less)

am i weird yet?

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