• dreams that made me extremely sad or happy after waking up
    • 2019-28-01 • "is everything i say doesn't mean anything? it doesn't matter to you, does it?" and he remained quiet
    • 2019-07-02 • in my dream, i was being my usual self - asking people if they missed me. and then when i woke up there was a message from him. aww, why
    • 2019-13-02 • my friends who i used to walwal with (who i rarely see anymore) appeared in my dream and they were visiting me here in the house because i was recovering. and then later that afternoon, one of them messaged me just out of the blue and both of them were hanging out (unplanned).
    • 2019-26-10 • he's been on my mind for two weeks now and i just saw him in my dream. is this it? are these feelings for real now? in the dream, he sent me a poem and i lit up, just like how i was when we virtually chat in a short period of time for the past two weeks. only three short conversations but i am drawn to him already. slow down, girl.
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