✿ childe/lumine ✿

Tartaglia arrives in Mondstadt. He spends some much-needed alone time with his dear Traveler after having been apart for so long… And that, naturally, equates to having sex against the exterior of the city walls.


As soon as he gets Lumine to fall undone and beg for him, at least.

In which Lumine’s brash decision to take a shower in the men’s shower area leads to an unexpected result.

✿ itto/gorou ✿

Gorou catches Kokomi sleeping with another man, which is shocking in itself. But then he gets invited to join them.

Itto challenges Gorou to a competition that goes a bit differently than expected. Not that he minds, of course.

Gorou catches Kokomi sleeping with another man, which is shocking in itself. But then he gets invited to join them.

Gorou is unhappy about the rumor going around that rubbing his ears is lucky. Itto makes it worse.

✿ thoma/ayato ✿

Because of reasons, Childe's official duties as a Fatui Harbinger now include spending a week as Thoma and Ayato's plaything.

✿ childe/kaeya ✿

An AU where after the events of 'A New Star Approaches', Tartaglia is re-assigned to Mondstadt. His active presence in the City of Freedom is a curiosity after Signora's cool detachment, thus it is only prudent that the Acting Grand Master turn to her most effective Captain to investigate.

Kaeya is talented at what he does, but he is blind to what he needs, and that narrow focus fails to alert him to something increasingly obvious until it has him by the heart.

Ripples in water travel great distances, and no one is prepared for the consequences when they come.

"What are your plans for this evening, handsome?" As he asks, Kaeya traces the rim of his wine glass with a finger and watches with amusement as Childe's gaze follows the motion. "...Feel like a bit of company?"

"Oh." Childe looks a bit surprised before he drops his eyes to his drink and his fingers start playing with the handle. "I actually... haven't, before," he admits somewhat sheepishly.

Kaeya thinks a moment. He's by far the most attractive prospect in Mondstadt right now, and Kaeya doesn't mind a bit of inexperience when it comes wrapped up in such a pretty package. "I'd be happy to show you the ropes," Kaeya offers. "If you're interested."

✿ albedo/kaeya ✿

Still here I carry my old delicious burdens, I carry them, men and women, I carry them with me wherever I go, I swear it is impossible for me to get rid of them, I am fill’d with them, and I will fill them in return. - Walt Whitman

What could have otherwise been a typical Windblume celebration irrevocably changes course when Kaeya wanders off the beaten path.

✿ diluc/kazuha ✿

“Master Diluc,” Charles steps out from behind the polished bar, the amber bottles behind him glimmering in the lamplight. “There’s word of a wanderer from Inzauma skulking about. White hair. Knights say you can’t miss him.”

Diluc cocks an eyebrow at that. “Is he that distinctive?”

"Well," he trails off hesitantly, and Diluc can nearly see the words gestating behind his bartender's downcast eyes. “He’s been bathing naked in Starfell Lake.”


Or, Diluc tries his hand at hosting.

✿ thoma/kaeya ✿

It's been ten years since Kaeya last saw Thoma.

He's prepared for anything. He's not prepared for everything.

It's Thoma. He sits atop a stack of boxes, flipping a coin the way Kaeya taught him. He's older, taller, broader. He's devastatingly handsome. Kaeya's heart stops in his throat and doesn't start again until his foot hits the dock and Thoma is approaching.

He doesn't show any sign of displeasure when his eyes land on Kaeya, and Kaeya is suddenly overwhelmed at the way Thoma's expression brightens. He's... happy to see him.

✿ childe/herbalist gui (npc) ✿

Every Monday Herbalist Gui's worst nightmare shows up outside of of Bubu Pharmacy. He desperately wishes Childe would at least keep his shirt on until they get to the back room.

✿ childe/kazuha/scaramouche ✿

She speaks of it like a legend. The Raiden Shogun’s vessel of eternity is sequestered away in a new wing of the Tenshukaku, cherry-picking those targeted by the Vision Hunt Decree for his own purposes. What happens to them after they pass through the palace’s threshold is unknown - only that those who enter are never seen again.

But Tartaglia is no ordinary mortal. He has escaped the greatest depths of misery, has bitten into death, has crawled out from the crack of reality with palms cut by ore and blade.

“Recruiting him will not be a matter of forcing him into submission. No force, no violence,” says the disembodied voice of the Tsaritsa. “You are almost certainly weaker than he is, and you will be in such close quarters with the Electro archon that any whisper of betrayal in those corridors will result in your swift execution on the steps of the palace."

“Weaker than a god’s vessel. In the flesh, perhaps, but in spirit?” Tartaglia says, his head lowered in a bow. “I will subdue him.”

✿ harem ✿

(albedo/kaeya ; albedo/diluc ; albedo/childe ; albedo/zhongli)

The proposal is simple: care for the ailing younger son hidden away in the Dawn Winery until the end of the social season. But for the physician Albedo, whose passion is prolonging life, tending to an undead is the most illogical application of his skills. If he can simply assist sir Kaeya in recovering enough to attend one or two balls — and perhaps seek out a wife for himself — he’ll be one step closer to settling into the complex hierarchy of Mond nobility and nouveau riche.

Too bad it’s also courting season for a far more ancient population of Teyvat — and understanding their etiquette is a matter of life and death.

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