This is a list of my favourite articles/editorials/essays discovered this year.


  • Bendiksen, Jonas: Greenland’s vanishing villages in MAGNUM
  • Della Zazzera, Elizabeth: Instead of writing a thousand words in Lapham's Quarterly
  • Dovey, Ceridwen: Can reading make you happier? in The New Yorker
  • MacLellan, Lila: The spellbinding power of reading nature's "lost" words out loud in Quartzy
  • Pantall, Colin: Rethinking the ethical judgement of photography in Witness
  • Reed, Shannon: Theater of Your Mind presents: It's 2:57am! in McSweeney's
  • Smith, Maggie: Tracking the demise of my marriage on Google Maps in The New York Times


  • Anderson, Sam: A year in marginalia in The Millions
  • Day, Gregory: One true note? in Griffith Review
  • Doman, Mark; Liu, Ri; Palmer, Alex; Scott, Nathanael: The changing sound of the Hottest 100 on ABC News
  • Lilley, Deborah: The mustard gas in Sherwood Forest in Places
  • Manaugh, Geoff: Typographic forestry and other landscapes of translation in BLDGBLOG
  • Robson, David: In the beginning was the word, and the word was embodied in Aeon
  • Rothman, Aaron: Beyond Google Earth in Places



  • Gentile, Olivia: A feminist revolution in birding in Medium
  • Keim, Brandon: Do cyborg cockroaches dream of electric trash? in Aeon



  • Davison, Nicola: The Anthropocene epoch: have we entered a new phase of planetary history? in The Guardian
  • Fry, Naomi: Keanu Reeves is too good for this world in The New Yorker
  • Jacquet, Jennifer: Human error in Lapham's Quarterly
  • Neals, Felice: Ode to Aleppo in Catapult
  • Pavliscak, Pamela: Emojis are making us feel less of the feels in Quartzy
  • Sacks, Oliver: The machine stops in The New Yorker


  • Kingsnorth, Paul: The language of the master in Emergence
  • Logan, William Bryant: The lessons of a hideous forest in The New York Times
  • Schulman, Michael: Daniel Radcliffe and the art of the fact-check in The New Yorker


  • Ellenbogen, Charles; et al.: How many must die? Teachers reflect on gun violence and student protest in Lit Hub
  • Gorrie, Nayuka: White Psycho Dream Girls in Kill Your Darlings
  • O'Connor, M. R.: A day in the life of a tree in The New Yorker
  • Pardy, Nicola: This is an article about women in The New York Times
  • Sestanovich, Clare: All the letters I'll never send in Lit Hub
  • Uyeno, Greg: The name on the cup in Schwafire


  • Lamont, Tom: The typos that have changed people's lives in The Guardian
  • Raz Portugali, Yonatan: The wisdom of never leaving your hotel room in Popula


  • Bonvalet, Lucie: Orange in 3AM
  • Nassar, Dalia; et al: What can an embodied history of trees teach us about life? in Aeon
  • Weil, Sylvie [tr. Ros Schwartz]: How to take a literary selfie in Granta


  • Hart, Alison: The joys of reading with a second grader in The Millions
  • Pantall, Colin: Why photograph when every picture has already been made? in Witness
  • Rivecca, Suzanne: Ugly, Bitter, and Strong in Zyzzyva and Long Reads
  • Ro, Christine: How linguists are using Urban Dictionary in JSTOR
  • Stewart, Lizzy: An Ode to Women who Walk in Lit Hub


  • Dash, Anil: The Web We Lost
  • Miller, Katherine: The 2010s have broken our sense of time for Buzzfeed
  • Murphy, Cullen: Our Predictions About the Internet Are Probably Wrong in The Atlantic
  • Seifert, Jeremy: What Makes a Church? A Tiny, Leafy Forest in The New York Times
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