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nov 2 2010 ∞
jun 29 2019 +
user picture aysha: hallelujah, it's here! nov 16 2010
user picture Colin Roe Ledbetter: woo! now just need to buy it. nov 18 2010
user picture pulchrisart: thumbs up... dec 11 2010
user picture Cyndy: Now we need a droid app & all will be right in the world feb 12 2011
user picture listography: hope to work on this in the fall! aug 13 2011
user picture luna: We still waiting for the Android version :c jul 4 2019
user picture Clovera: Request for Ipad compatibility!!! :D :D :D may 31 2011
user picture Caitlin Michele Rose: Android app please! My life would be complete. jul 23 2011
user picture ashley wolf: an Adroid app would be swell nov 14 2011
user picture wild light burning bright: I'm so glad to have found out there's an app - it's what's been missing from my phone! jan 7 2012
user picture Jude White: I agree with Ashley wolf, an android would be cool too. I have had an android... jun 11 2012
user picture lorisde: Android app please! My life would be complete. [2] jul 23 2012
user picture lasso_solo: Please don't forget to make a Ipad's version aug 4 2012
user picture Jasmine Rose: now you need to get an android app version!! dec 3 2012
user picture Rosicler: How can i put a little image on the right side? mar 1 2013
user picture listography: Click: create list > modify > set icon (under "design") If you are creating an list with images, you use "attach images" but you cannot use the icon feature for those types of lists.
user picture emeponto: where's the android app? you gotta have a droid app! mar 6 2013
user picture PequenaHobbit: I suggest iPad app! :D apr 24 2013
user picture ejfelli: oh, please, do it for miserable android as well :D jun 21 2013
user picture KOWALSKI: plus, an iPad app is a must. dec 9 2013
user picture Kate: Would you please release an Android app, too, please? It's been years of waiting now... jan 10 2015
user picture ClubbedWithSpades: Nothing would make me happier this year than an Android app :) mar 30 2015
user picture vetica: It's been four years, any word yet on a possible Android version? apr 27 2015
user picture camila: where is the android app? jun 20 2015
user picture k3ef: I second the "where is the android app" comment jun 21 2015
user picture Kori: Android app? aug 26 2015
user picture kei: one for android would be amazing!! <3 feb 25 2016
user picture Manh Tuong: I like it, where's the android app? mar 2 2016
user picture Lady: Android app? mar 6 2016
user picture Jazz: Can you please add a settings option in the app? Thank you in advance. mar 17 2016
user picture anakin: i need the android app may 12 2016
user picture honeybee: After finally deciding to get up to speed with technology and buying myself an iPhone, I just bought the app. Thank you as always for all the hard work you put into the site and series, it's much appreciated! nov 29 2016
user picture Milena: Android? dec 16 2016
user picture blume: i need the android one <3 dec 21 2016
user picture Andrea: Android? :( jan 12 2017
user picture cuckoo: 6 years since you guys mentioned it here, but there's still no Android app. A shame, tbh. jun 27 2017
user picture listography: ANDROID APP: hey guys, we have full time jobs. for over 10 years we've kept this site for fun with no ads. we don't have the time to build an android app. again apologies...
user picture Mariskaf: Still hoping, tho. But well, good luck!!! Keep doing a good job sep 21 2017
user picture Andressa: android please jan 30 2019