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Preserve your story through your lists and stay inspired. Listography is self-funded AND remains free of advertising. You can support us by buying or gifting our journals.

Try the list topic generator in the "create list box" for ideas!

listography TERMS
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  • Set your user picture.
  • Pick a unique URL.
  • Set your background image.
  • Choose your user name.
  • Change/update your email or password.
  • Delete your account.


  • DO NOT use emojis in category or title sections!
  • Click on "create list" on your home page when logged in.
  • Choose a category from the menu. You may also choose "other" as a category and you can enter your own category.
  • Keep in mind that the categories are useful for organizing lists in your archive.
  • Choose a title for your list.
  • You can GENERATE A LIST TOPIC in the top right-hand corner of the edit box.
  • In the text edit box, create your list items by placing an asterisk (*) before each item on a new line.
  • Click on "MODIFY" to choose colors, bullets/numerical, fonts, and tools for alphabetizing your list, adding asterisks to all items, and to pick the folder you want the list placed in.
  • You can add a small list icon to your lists, under "design". Here's how.
  • You can create a photo list under "modify" by choosing "image within lists". This allows you to upload photos as a list. Keep in mind images may need to be scaled to a smaller size. Here's how.
  • You can rearrange lists on your page by dragging on the handle at the right of the list title bar when logged in.​


  • To create SUB-LISTS simply place two spaces before the asterisk.
    • This is a sub-list.
      • Add two more spaces for sub-listing further, and so on.
  • To make something BOLD simply place two underscores " __ " before and after the word(s).
  • To make something ITALICIZED simply place one underscore " _ " before and after the word(s).
  • To CREATE A LINK like that:
    • Put the word(s) you want linked in parenthesis like this (word)
    • Then, put the link in brackets [ ] and place it right after the word(s).
  • To CREATE A CHECK MARK simply place a front slash after the asterisk but before the list " / ".
  • To CREATE A STRIKE THROUGH simply place a dash after the asterisk but before the list " - ".
  • To CREATE PARAGRAPHS in between list items, simply don't use an asterisk before the sentence.


  • In the About You box and in lists, DO NOT write or link to anything you would not want the public to view.
  • Your Listography URL to share is at the top of your About You box. If there are numbers in your URL, you can create an easier-to-read unique URL on the Settings Page.
  • You will only see a Create List box, and Edit, Archive and Delete links when you are logged in.
  • If your list title or list content is abbreviated, it can be read by clicking on the title. You can share a list url by clicking on the title which will take you to that list's page.
  • Always logout when finished using Listography to ensure that no one uses your account.
  • Use the EXPLORE link in the menu to see a random person's Listography.


  • Your archive folder is a place to store older lists to keep your main listography page easy to read.
  • You can move any list from your archive back to the main page at any time.
  • Your ongoing folder is a place to store lists you frequently update. For example, books to read, movies to see, to-do, grocery lists, etc.
  • Your private folder is a place to keep lists that can only be seen by you. Keep in mind that the privacy of these lists is only as secure as your password.


  • Add users to your Bookmarked Listographies by clicking on the "add to bookmarks" link found at the top of the page when logged in.
  • After adding Bookmarks, you will see their most recent lists in your Bookmarks box.
  • Adding a user to your Bookmarks does not automatically add you to theirs.
  • If a Bookmark has updated within one week, their name will appear in bold.
  • You can delete Bookmarks at any time via the edit link.
  • You cannot delete the Listography bookmark.


  • Your Archive is a place to store older lists to keep your Listography Page easy to read.
  • You can "Restore" any list in your Archive back to your Listography Page at anytime.


  • Your listography is in a public space! Do not post things that you wouldn't want outside viewers to know or see, i.e. : address, phone number, IM name, and other identifying information.
  • Please report any misuse of the website to us. We created this website with good intentions in mind and do not want users who harass or use any form of hate speech in our space. Your report will remain anonymous.
  • Be careful of who you interact with and do no mislead people about your age. Your profile will be deleted.
  • Be cautious of which links you click on if browsing an unknown User's Listography. Check the target of the link (in the browser status area at the bottom of the window) before clicking.
  • Please visit the following sites for helpful safety tips for parents:
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