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feb 4 2019 ∞
jul 28 2020 +
user picture Venus: I'll definitely miss the comments, but I understand the reasoning and think it's likely for the best. Thank you guys for being awesome ^_^ feb 9 2019
user picture M: Thank you for all that you guys have done. I absolutely love this site! feb 10 2019
user picture Alessandre: Oh no, it’s going to be SO so frustrating when I find someone I vibe with and they haven’t added any contact info because they didn’t read this. I want to be able to keep in touch with people :( feb 12 2019
user picture pearly: I GET THIS SO BAD! I only just discovered commenting was a feature, and then I came here to see if anyone has commented on a Listography with more views, and then I see that they're being removed T.T apr 18 2020
user picture ἔνθεος: I'd assume this also meant profile links? Because I remember those too were utilized by spam accounts... or are they coming back? jun 1 2019
user picture listography: profile links will be coming back when we make the change oct 24 2019
user picture ἔνθεος: Thank you so much, it's really good to know that they're coming back! ♥ dec 23 2019
user picture petra: Why not just make it so that comments have to be approved by the list's creator to be seen? And that users can only comment once before being approved by a user? Please don't get rid of comments :( There will be no way to communicate effectively! jun 22 2019
user picture fairytale: Thank you for the update, it would be nice if we could save individual lists from people sep 1 2019
user picture ἔνθεος: I wonder if some of our requests will become a thing with this update? Or is this just a measure for spam accounts, etc? Either way; sounds good. dec 23 2019
user picture sac875: I was wondering about the profile links too! This is a wonderful unique site and a great way to show others what matters to you. Thank you <3 dec 24 2019
user picture Ramble Bramble: "Why not just make it so that comments have to be approved by the list's creator to be seen?" I second that notion. I don't really like feature regression but I also really like that this is not a social media website. On one hand it's handy to be able to receive comments, on the other I can simply post to GNU Social/the fediverse/other social site with a link and headline of the list and receive comments there. dec 25 2019
user picture petra: I really like the listography community so i just created a little group chat (discord server) for all of us... anyone can join! The link is on my profile, third list on my main category. So come on over if you want to chat about lists or literally anything else! And spread the word by writing it on your profile too :) I want the community of list-nerds to come closer together, not lose all form of connection! <3 dec 27 2019
user picture angel: i'm kind of upset for this... but i'd understand. gotta keep the lists more personal i guess jan 11 2020