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jun 13 2008 ∞
jul 29 2020 +
user picture deniselouise: Is that a new Listography book?? may 20 2009
user picture lisa: on the book page there's a preview of a new listography book coming out this fall ---- it's an all music listography :-)
user picture Penguin Love: I really have to say thank you for creating a website like this. I love making lists but it's really hard to do that on a paper. I love love love this website. It's one of the best in the web. Greets from Germany aug 6 2009
user picture Priscilla: Make an iPod app for Listography please!! feb 22 2010
user picture listography: We hope to have one at the end of summer...thank you for writing! We like the feedback :)
user picture Madeline: I freaked out when I heard about the ipod/iphone app! Hurry! jul 31 2010
user picture listography: We're working hard on it...getting closer :) sep 30 2010
user picture J: Just got into this site and I adore it! If there's an iPhone app in the works, does that mean Android will follow? Please say yes! oct 23 2010
user picture listography: It's not on our radar right now because of all this iPhone app building, but once we're in the clear, we'll keep this in mind for next steps! thank you for the feedback! oct 24 2010
user picture Ana: is there a listography app for blackberry? i love your site! oct 25 2010
user picture listography: we're iPhone app building focused at the moment but this is definitely on our list down the line :)
user picture Chanel: sooooo awesome! can't wait! oct 27 2010
user picture Jane: I know there are a lot of film lovers out there. Any chance of a film listography somewhere down the line? oct 28 2010
user picture listography: Yes! We're about to start work on one soon hopefully...glad you're into it :-) oct 31 2010
user picture Mel: Hi, Any idea when you'll have an app for the Ipad? Thanks!
user picture listography: Hi Mel...thanks for writing. We don't have this in the works right now but we'll keep it in mind for future development.
user picture art girl: i do not have an iPhone, but i truly am excited for this! nov 5 2010
user picture nikol: I'm seconding the request for a BlackBerry app! I use one called Lister which is nowhere near as fun as Listography, but I use it more often just because it's easier than pulling up the website on my phone's browser. nov 6 2010
user picture Nathalie: I hope this will work for the newest ipod touch! :D nov 12 2010
user picture Katt: I'm currently fighting with my iPhone to sync it (apparently I've been neglecting a lot of downloads). Thanks so much guys for the app; it's great. nov 15 2010
user picture Katt: P.S. Holy Cow. It was totally worth it. This is so kick-ass. Thank you.
user picture Beau: Agreed. nov 16 2010
user picture Daniela: Yay! Thanks guys xoxo nov 15 2010
user picture Kristine: I always wonder where you guys get the photos from. Hope I can get mine on! jan 23 2011
user picture EstroJen: The McSweenys link is fabulous! That brightened my morning considerably. jul 22 2011
user picture Pam: awwww I love you guys! Movies listography is going on my Christmas list. aug 15 2011
user picture ilch25: I love the listography series, is there a listography 2012 weekly calender coming out and if so where and when can I purchase it? sep 1 2011
user picture listography: thank you. we only made calendars for 2010 and 2011. we might someday do it again so thank you for the feedback :) sep 4 2011
user picture Jessica: aww man, I LOVE my Listography 2011 weekly calendar! nov 10 2011
user picture listography: we are officially bringing the calendars back by popular demand, however, they will not be available until 2014... jun 27 2012
user picture Jonathan : How do I post photos, now? I did it before but can't seem to, now... is there a new procedure? mar 7 2013
user picture listography: apr 5 2013
user picture lydia: What about PNG icons? :D aug 11 2013
user picture listography: the png's just recently broke on a background update we did...we'll repair it this weekend :-) in the meantime you can open the file and save it as a jpg aug 12 2013
user picture lydia: yay! glad to hear that! thanks! aug 14 2013
user picture docmartn: Is there a place users can to asks questions about the lists, get help with, etc? A community forum maybe? nov 11 2013
user picture listography: hi, right now you can write to us through the contact page and you can also look here or on our guide page :-)
user picture docmartn: I tried adding a jpg file to my jazz artist list and when I did it removed the numbering and centered the text. Why would that have happened? Thanks
user picture listography: There are two types of photos you can add to your lists. One is a list icon: this is under design (set list icon). This type of photo just appears in the top right hand corner and just serves as an icon pic for the list. The other type is for creating a list that is made up of ALL pictures and text. This appears under design (images within lists). For these types of lists there is no automatic numbering. You would need to include numbers. The reason is because the text format is more free-form so it's hard know how to auto-format it. Purely text lists can use the auto-numbering/bulleting etc. Just not the picture lists.
user picture docmartn: Thank you! dec 9 2013
user picture docmartn: Another question. I use a firefox browser tool called AddThis. Here's their web link. I would like to have Listography added to the selection list. I think someone from your site needs to contact their support team about doing this. Would you mind checking into this? It would be a great feature to allow me quick additions of links, notes, etc to my listography account. I would certainly use listography more than I do now. This is my personal account. I also have 2 small business accounts with you for separate lists. Thanks
user picture listography: ahhh cool. we will look at it. we're also working on something similar for our site for 2014 :-)
user picture docmartn: Is there a way to create a list so that it will appear as 2 or three columns? I want to do a list in a "Ben Franklin Close" aka Pro/Con list. Can this be done somehow? Thanks nov 3 2014
user picture listography: currently we don't have a format for side by side pro/con lists...but thank you for the feedback...will keep it in mind :)
user picture Someone: I appreciate this app so much :) apr 16 2020
user picture Someone: website*
user picture listography: thank you!!! apr 28 2020