• in this house we respect the lawful and loving union of juliet and phelan colitre
  • if u screenshot ur moms a hoe
  • xan cute peep valid but NOT the other way around
  • pac is alive
  • mr maring is our gemini KING and we stan
  • 可以用中文+ESP OK
  • no balls kyle
  • santiago wasn't obligated to keep dating me; it was dumb of me to hate him and it's dumb of u guys to hate him on my behalf so QUIT it
  • phelan is a yr goy and will be addressed as such
  • SOMETIMES ill just block ppl randomly bcos i need to talk shit about them and cant have them seeing it if it happens to u...my bad
  • nazi punks fuck off
  • ulmer hates gays
  • phelan's phursona..
  • phames 2kalways now and forever
  • uwu good owo not
jul 12 2018 ∞
jul 12 2018 +