• "that would have sounded a lot more commanding if i wasn't wearing my yummy sushi pajamas" (http://www.thecatspjs.com/shop/white-sushi-cotton-pajama/)
  • Hush- how do we kill them?
  • Out for a walk... bitch.
  • the hardest thing in this world is to live in it
  • i wear the cheese, it does not wear me. (season 4 ep 22)
  • bunnies
  • they got the mustard out
  • bored now
  • grr argh
  • you made a bear? undo it undo it!
  • there's a party in my eye socket and everyone's invited
  • yellow crayon
  • be back before dawn
  • here lies buffy summers, she saved the world, a lot
  • five by five
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