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Fanshawe Children (oldest to youngest)

  • Frederick Thomas Fanshawe
  • Lavinia Clara Fanshawe
  • Augusta Edith Fanshawe
  • Lawrence Earl Fanshawe
  • Charles Ivor Fanshawe
  • Ginevra Laura Fanshawe
  • Cornelia Priscilla Fanshawe
  • Sophronia Esther Fanshawe
  • Thomasina Beatrice Fanshawe


  • Captain Frederick Ivor Fanshawe
  • Clarissa Mary Fanshawe nee Earl 'Clara'

Other Family

  • Aunt: Ginevra Lavinia Home nee Earl
  • Uncle: Kenneth Mackay Angus Home de Bassompierre
  • Cousin: Paulina Mary Bretton de Bassompierre nee Home 'Polly'
  • Cousins in law: John Graham Bretton
  • First cousins once removed: Graham Kenneth Angus Bretton, Louisa Mary Isobel Bretton, Rachel Joan Flora Bretton

Other people

  • Alfred Augustus de Hamal (alias Maurice Grisson, Herbert Bellamy and The Nun)
  • Lucy Snowe (too cool to have a middle name, but it could be Caroline or maybe Wilma?)
  • Louisa Lucy Bretton
  • Lady Sara Thompson-Watts
  • Mrs Ada Cholmondeley
  • Housekeepers: Sylvie and Alice
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