⛧Favourite drink is iced tea

⛧Atompunk and Retrofuturism are pretty neat

⛧Once i graduate Law school i'll probably follow an international lawyer career

⛧I'm agnostic w/ catholic raising

⛧I'm left-leaning (SocDem)

⛧I goddamn love the aesthetic of cheesy Metal bands

⛧If you are transphobic i will rape your ass with a wrench

⛧I managed to stomp a dangerous snake to death when i was only 11 so if u happen to give me or my loved ones any sort of trouble, thou shall share the serpent's fate. BITCH

⛧Favourite food is chicken milanese

⛧I started learning English through games i played since i was a six yr old fat gamer boy

⛧Favourite subject of all time is International Law

⛧I'll probably go bald sooner than i expected :')

⛧My dream career is diplomat

⛧I'm dating a lovely nerd

⛧ Multiplayer games arent really my jam unless they are chill

⛧Honestly i wish i could just live like a hermit fuck modern society

jun 15 2020 ∞
aug 2 2020 +