• You're the Batman to my Robin.
  • You're the macaroni to my cheese.
  • You're the bread to my butter.
  • You're the John to my Yeti. (Or, alternatively, the Hank to my Katherine.)
  • You're the Edmund to my Lucy.
  • You're the Aslan to my Narnia.
  • You're the ADH to my urinary system (in that you control me).
  • You're the music to my lyrics.
  • You're the Doctor to my Rose.
  • You're the pea to my princess.
  • You're the Pahlavi to my Iran in the late 20th century.
  • You're the Commander Tofu to my Lieutenant Sushi.
  • You're the Christian missionaries to my Boxers.
  • You're the Benvolio to my Mercutio (<3).
  • You're the Petrucio to my Katherine.
  • You're the bat to my shit.
  • You're the Sherlock to my Holmes.
  • You're the Pantalaimon to my Lyra.
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