my name is katherine or kate. i'm very clingy, smol, sensible, gentle, romantic, imaginative, emotional, quiet and sometimes shy with a tendency to be reserved. i view the world through an enchanted and mystical lens. i'm okay with any describing words like cute and sweet. i love to take care of people and protect them.

glows when they talk, dewy eyes, radiates with a blessing from the sun, calm in the air and goodness in their hearts.

...♡ loves art; vincent van gogh, claude monet, berthe morisot and pablo picasso. classical music; ludwig van beethoven, wolfgang amadeus mozart, frédéric chopin, antonio vivaldi and clara schumann. contemporary/classic ballet. apreciates; annie finch, william shakespeare, maya angelou, leonard da vinci and cecilia meireles. disney classic movies and songs, violin, greek mythology and astronomy, wicca, animals, nature, fashion, sun and moon, 80s movies, le petit prince, love stories, princesses and iced tea.

sep 14 2017 ∞
nov 6 2017 +