kind of inspired by m. gale? somewhat?

  • 1/10 audrey calling my style "kinda iconic-- no, not kind of" in target time and inviting me to her table
  • 1/10 hugged avery for the first time in gym class, and told evan off for being so inconsiderate of us
  • 1/10 rye lifting the racquet straight up over her head in an attempt to... hit the birdie? I assume?... did not work
  • 1/11 angeline's lovely outfit that everyone admired
  • 1/11 in math today nelson kept asking for my help and trusting my advice
  • 1/12 waking up early to eat ramen and wear my new jeans
  • 1/12 the man at the mall offered mum a stool to sit on
  • 1/12 the girl at pink who reminded me of maddy and helped me find good clothes
  • 1/14 tossing the protractor back and forth with nelson
  • 1/14 figured out how to make the little divider thingies of my own accord
  • 1/15 seeing the locals in bcs chatting away while mum and I got ice cream at 7pm
  • 1/17 a few great songs and a playlist I love, thanks Spotify!
  • 1/18 seeing o brother where art thou for the jillionth time
  • 1/18 mum was willing to take me to the library to get a giant pile of books, living the life
  • 1/19 a brand new belt and a woolen dress
  • 1/21 dad eats oatmeal with apples in front of the fire as I stay up much too late on a school night, playing the snake game of course
  • 1/21 it is windy and so cold but we're cozy inside
  • 1/27 oof I missed a lot of days but... tea with mum in the attic
  • 1/28 name cards!!
  • 1/30 phoebe calling my outfit cute
  • 2/1 everything about math
  • 2/1 mum actually proposed a shopping trip without provocation
  • 2/1 speaking of without provocation, aidan winked without any initiation on my part (things are going great)
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