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red velvet fic recs, a work forever in progress.

(mainly seulrene)

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Kang Seulgi, a quiet girl with low self-esteem, is really jealous of Bae Irene, a transfer student who is popular for her beauty and cheerfulness. Seulgi hates Irene's perfection, but once she learns that Irene is not as perfect as she seems, Seulgi slowly falls for her flaws and imperfection.

  • muse | by snapplelinz

"Maybe a dream did precipitate all this insanity. Or maybe it was just mean to and end, a single cord pulling me to her all the while."

Seulgi's world ends in a small, square room. Four walls and white, with a broken beat in the background that she slowly realizes is her heart.

In her hands is a pen and a piece of paper that feels like a death setence, while the lawyer next to her is the jury who didn't give Seulgi any chance to fight.

Her eyes sting, her throat is parched. But all Seulgi will remember is how her world splits in half as she watches her now ex-wife (but forever the love of her life) walk away, leaving Seulgi as the memory Irene would rather forget.

Kang Seulgi, a college freshman who's been single since birth, confesses to her crush, the popular Wendy Son. Seulgi finds herself rejected by Wendy only because of her lack of dating experience. Refusing to give up, Seulgi seeks the campus' infamous serial dater, Irene Bae, to gain enough experience so that she may eventually date Wendy. Irene is bored with her usual routine, so she agrees to help the younger girl.

Of course, as these types of arrangements usually go, things don't turn out like they quite expect.

Irene has always been that trustworthy friend for Seulgi to rely on... but maybe Seulgi is asking too much of her friend this time.

“Just be honest with her. That’s the least you could do.”

So Seulgi tries to be honest that same night.

But it turns out everything is easier said than done. And lying is easier than telling the truth.

"I'm in love with someone else," Seulgi lies. Because that's acceptable, easier, much better. "I don't want to keep seeing you anymore, Joohyun."

You were okay though. You were happy for both of your friends. You had to be. Because that is what a good friend does. But even now, almost three years later, you are still trying to be okay and happy for them. So far, it’s still not going well.

mc irene and seulgi of 4 member girl group, red velvet, are rumoured to be dating.

Seulgi's a smoker and Irene is determined to make her quit.

Seven years of training, five years of Joohyun, one debut.

And for the third time, Joohyun gets saved by none other than Spiderwoman herself. This time, she finds herself closer to the true identity behind the woman who saved her and won't let her go without a reward this time.

Irene walks into Seulgi's tattoo studio to get her very first tattoo.

“I was thinking,” Irene picks up her cup of morning tea, “that we should live together.”

In which Seulgi is basically Harry Potter, and Irene is a Death Eater. Except not really.

Single mom Irene cries in front of her child’s dance teacher.

Seulgi meets a girl online that gives her the best ride of her life.

Seulgi awaits her true love’s kiss. Irene is bruised and bleeding.

Some things SeulGi learned in dating a pre-school teacher.

Kang Seulgi doesn't know how she ended up sleeping with the girl she's been in love with since she was thirteen, but she doesn't really care.

Joohyun's just trying to get over her recent breakup, but the barista at her local Starbucks is kind of cute...

Seulgi and Irene are together in aspects of the word. But Irene's got a boyfriend, anyway.

Wendy plots with Yeri and Joy to get Seulgi locked out of her own room, with no choice but to sleep in their leader's room for the night.

A story in which chicken-hater Irene fell in love with the chicken delivery girl.

Seulgi waits while Irene comes and goes — always going where Seulgi cannot follow. (a love story that transcends time and space).

An unconventional way to have a date on Christmas, but Seulgi wouldn't have it any other way.

Seulgi used to dream of different scenarios on how she'll meet her soulmate. This? This is definitely not one of those. (And by this, she means getting unceremoniously slapped in the face by a stranger in a club during her perfectly stress-free Friday night.)

"Excuse me, sunbaenim, but do you happen to know the brand of the fabric softener used for your shirt?" Seulgi blinks and wonders, for a beat, if this is how people flirt these days.

  • chance ☆ | by themoonishers

For Bae Joohyun (famously known as Irene), she's been crushing on Kang Seulgi for a while—approximately since the day she met her the first time—and only now she has the guts to confess, for it could be her last year in college and refused to throw away the chance. But Seulgi was someone who never agree to go out with anyone. All Seulgi's been doing is rejecting people's confessions.

So, will Irene's first confession end up as Seulgi's first 'yes'?

She turns her attention to the cake that suddenly looks so unappetizing and wonders if this is how it feels to be heartbroken. Not that her heart has been whole all this time. It hasn’t been whole in a while, she thinks, not since she met Seulgi.

In which Joohyun spends her trainee days wearing purple, and Seulgi doesn't like the bitter taste that rises in the back of her throat every time she sees the color. Or, Seulgi begs Joohyun to stop looking over her right shoulder as she pleads for the older girl to look her way just once.

All Joohyun wanted was a one-night stand. Instead she met Seulgi.

Irene is a barista at her university's coffee shop, and she just so happens to be the object of someone's affection. The only problem is that no one is quite sure who that "someone" is. This is where Seulgi and her friends come in. Or, in which Irene's a senior in college and she loses her mind over her beautiful neighbor, who she talks to far too often for it to be healthy.

Bae Joohyun was a simple woman who craved the most basic of touch from her partner Kang Seulgi, whom may have not been the best at expressing her love through physical affection in the beginning. But now Kang Seulgi has truly mastered the art of cuddling much to the enjoyment of her girlfriend. "Babe, come here and cuddle me."

“W-what do you think you’re doing?” she stammers out as Irene pushes her against the wall, one hand wrapping around her waist and the other around her neck. “Shut up and play along."

"Lie with me," Irene said. A play on words.

Seulgi is a rookie makeup artist who's just trying her best to do her job properly, but it's hard when she's working for Bae Irene and her distracting smile.

When two 'comfort women' find comfort in each other.

Joohyun, a lonely CEO, never thought that her life would change when she finds a small kitten on a cold day.

“Tell me the kind of person you think I'd fall in love with.”

Irene is Seulgi's writer of a roommate who's out looking for inspiration in all the wrong places. But Irene's really pretty, and Seulgi's weak against pretty girls, so she'll suck it up because it is what it is.

Or, Seulgi loses her mind over her beautiful roommate who she doesn't talk to nearly enough.

Irene works in a hospital. Five years ago, she was waiting tables at a five star restaurant. A decade ago, she boarded planes as a flight attendant. Twenty years ago, an orphaned girl was pulled off the streets with nothing but the switchblade gripped in her right hand. Not all is as it seems. Or, Irene's been taught to always have a plan. Seulgi was never part of the original plan.

In which burnt out medical student, Kang Seulgi, found her days at the hospital not so boring after all once she set foot into psychiatric ward and met the curious Bae Irene.

A collection of Seulrene's one-shot / multiple-shots. Titled after Kaleidoscope because despite the different colors and shapes in all these alternate universes, Seulrene remains the same.

Seulgi is a dancer with no friends or family and nothing to call her own, and Irene is an emotionally vacant assassin looking for a way out of it all.

Or: In the night, she's dancing to relieve the pain.

They say that the average person only falls in love with three different people in his or her lifetime. The first love is a kind that is followed by the book; the one that you expect to have for the rest of your life, the one you often see on the big screen.

Bae Joohyun is stumped on asking a girl out. But Park Sooyoung is here to save the day... by teaching her exactly how.

    • chalk ☆ | by dugonggie

Someone kept writing confessions on the chalkboard of the new student council room, and Joohyun just wanted to clean the place up not develop a crush.

“I can’t even say your name without my voice breaking,” she confesses, tone full of goodbyes. “I’m never going to make it.”

Something cracks inside her. Something inside her snaps in two unequal parts. Something hurts so much, inside; she wants it to stop. Seulgi tries to make it stop.

love has no age.

A cliche high school AU love story where Bae Irene falls in love with Kang Seulgi, the charming basketball jock and how despite being complete opposites, they find themselves unable to keep apart from each other.

Joohyun is a lonely girl, she has lost everything, even the will to live. Until one day she finds a kind stranger that will change her world.

Joohyun knew what Seulgi was doing way before she even said anything. There was only one reason why Seulgi would suggest they watch a scary movie together, and that is all so they can sleep as close as possible while cuddling throughout. Joohyun isn't all that excited to watch this film, but she's excited to be with Seulgi and sleeping as close as they can will always be her favorite way to watch a film.

Bae Joohyun really likes and adore the fact that her teddy bear-like love is just a tad bit shorter than her. Seulgi is perfect for wrapping her arms around because she's a small bear. A small bear that Joohyun loves to tease. "Hyunnie, I'm not that shorter than you!"

All Joohyun could do was smile at her girl. "Come here, small bear."

It's the annual company Christmas party and every yes they draw names for the secret Santa lotto. Kang Seulgi is terrified that she will draw the name of her boss and not so secret crush Bae Joohyun, after all what does on get for the woman who probably has everything. But there's no way she will actually get Joohyun, right? The Christmas gods couldn't be that cruel, could they? Oh, but of course they could.

Heartbroken, angry, and stuck. Irene doesn’t know what to do and so she ends up seeking help from the infamous Kang Seulgi, the eccentric heartthrob who nearly everyone loved or hated. Honestly, there was no one more perfect for the job.

Little Kang Seulgi is determined to ask her crush Bae Joohyun to be her "date" for the Valentine's Day party at school. But there's just no way the most beautiful girl in class, no in the entire school could ever like her too, right?

Seulgi held onto the handmade card for dear life. "Here goes nothing." She told herself.

Irene needs a muse— she needs to find a reason and passion to design again. Seulgi has been wronged once, and she needs to find it in herself to let someone else in. Or, Irene is the CEO of the fashion company, Red Velvet, and Seulgi is one of the most sought-after models at New York Fashion Week.

Joohyun knows that her wife Seulgi struggles with the scars of being bullied as a child, and saddened by the pain Seulgi still carries Joohyun goes back in time to meet her wife and offer some protection against the bullies. She also can't resist seeing a small bear-version of her love and will help her to heal as someone who loves her.

She wanted to look over the kid, but a bastard won't let her.

Irene stares at the newly engaged couple with something foreign in her chest, like she's watching a car crash— it's a close second to everything she never expected to see, willed that she would never have to see, but somehow, she can’t look away.

Or, “I am curious about something though,” Seulgi muses. Irene decides to indulge her.

In which Seulgi cycles past Irene's house on the way to work every morning, and Irene always stops to make her a cup of coffee.

Or: The not-so-exciting adventures of a habitual sweet-tooth and her adorably polite house guest.

In which Seulgi wants to swoon the beautiful barista at the coffee shop and her friends may or may not be helpful at all.

Joohyun has been thinking a lot about Seulgi, the cute barista. But she's still figuring out what that means for her.

or: Seulgi helps Joohyun come to terms with her sexuality.

If you find yourself having to meet Kang Seulgi, then you might be in big trouble. She only sees two kinds of people: the dead and the dying. Dr. Kang, a resident at Myung Se Hospital's literally and figuratively most toxic medical unit - the poison center, is thrown into an unlikely encounter with a doting single mother, Bae Irene.

Seulgi had always prioritized other people’s happiness over her own, which suited her just fine. It was only through meeting Joohyun, her niece’s kindergarten teacher, that she finally let herself be happy.

All Irene remembered was that Seulgi, who had been her lab partner at the time, had been complaining about how she hated the dorm rooms, and Irene had opened her mouth without thinking. The next thing she knew, she was helping Seulgi bring her clothes up to her apartment.

Or, the five times Irene realized that she was in love with Seulgi.

There's a girl at Joohyun's table and she's kind of upset.

Joohyun may not be the best girlfriend in the world, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Seulgi with her whole heart.

Irene walks in on Seulgi in the prefect's bathroom, and it all just spirals downwards (upwards?) from there.

It takes a complete idiot to either ruin your day, or make your day. JooHyun's quite sure, that Idiot Kang is in the first one.

In where SeulGi is forced to serve the bitch of a 'princess' just to pay her family's debt.

Chef Kang Seulgi worked hard for what she had: a successful restaurant, amazing employees and friends, and what she thought was a loving, committed relationship. But her favourite customer, Joohyun, was about to show her that life could be even better than what she thought she wanted.

A collection of short and fluffy Seulrene one-shots.

Irene is a couple of millennia old, and Seulgi only several centuries, when they first get married.

All Joohyun wants is some peace and quiet, but apparently her neighbor has too good of a sex life and wants the entire building to know.

"I don't really get the deal about neck kisses." Well, now Seulgi looked downright offended, as if Joohyun had commited a terrible crime or kicked her puppy or something. "What do you mean you don't get neck kisses?"

The one where Joohyun needs a fake date, and Seulgi is more than happy to fill in for her. Or, the one where Seulgi treats Joohyun like a princess, and shows her that she's worth more than she's ever given.

seulgi knows she's fucked when her best friend's sister asks her to be her fake girlfriend, mostly because she's got a crush on joohyun ever since she was twelve.

Joohyun met the love of her life when she was 10 years old. It took her 19 years to do anything about it.

Irene loves the game and Seulgi is the player.

A one-shot inspired by the song Kingdom Come by Red Velvet.

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