• Kllo - Maybe We Could (17/07)
  • HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III (?)
feb 8 2012 ∞
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user picture soph: The new tame impala cd is totally rubbish :( sep 13 2012
user picture justyna: I really need to finally listen to Hummingbird! The wait is killing me. jan 12 2013
user picture tenneil: I'm most excited about the new Youth Lagoon and The Knife! And yayyy you got Listography! I was wondering when you were going to, haha. jan 13 2013
user picture justyna: I'm really excited about those two as well. And My Bloody Valentine! I decided to get one for 2013. It seemed like a so much easier way to keep lists than LJ. Especially that I seem to be updating it all the time, haha.
user picture tenneil: Yeah, I can't believe My Bloody Valentine finally have new stuff after all these years! Amazing. Yeah, I eventually gave up on my 2012 list on LJ, since I barely update anymore, anyway. Listography is where it's at now, haha. jan 20 2013
user picture soph: ulrich schnauss don't forget!!!!!!!!!!! i just listening to it now ;) jan 23 2013
user picture tenneil: Oh, I'll add it to the list now! I haven't listened to new music in so long. :( feb 3 2013
user picture justyna: Paracosm has leaked! jul 25 2013
user picture justyna: The new Real Estate is so lovely. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Small Black releasing new material so soon! mar 1 2014
user picture tenneil: Oh, I'll have to get downloading that soon. I'm just listening to the new Phantogram at the moment and I'm liking what I'm hearing so far! Super excited for new Small Black. Their music never fails. So dreamy and perfect. mar 4 2014
user picture soph: the horrors new album = amazinnnng! (not as good as primary colours obviously) you should listen :) apr 2 2014
user picture tenneil: Omg, I had no idea it had leaked! Thanks for the heads up. I'v heard one song from the album and it's brilliant! I don't think anything could be as amazing as Primary Colours was! <3 apr 7 2014
user picture justyna: The new Caribou is so... different. I'm not sure what to think about it! sep 2 2014
user picture tenneil: Oh, really? From the two songs I've heard, it seems promising, but I guess I'll only find out when I listen to the whole thing! I'll let you know. :) sep 4 2014
user picture soph: i know its not as good as before :( but its still good, silver is amaaaaazing sep 7 2014