• Coeur de Lion (Reines)
  • The Wrong Way To Save Your Life (Stielstra)
  • The Cow in the Parking Lot (scheff, edmiston)
  • bang bang (handler)
  • once I was cool (stielstra)
  • choose your own disaster (Schwartz)
  • the rules do not apply (Levy)
  • The Pisces (Broder)
  • Are You There, Vodka?... (Handler)
  • child of the moon (Semaan)
  • Get Your Sh*t Together (Knight)
  • I Might Regret This (Jacobson)
  • literally show me a healthy person (Wilder)

to read:

  • Dune
  • The Best American Short Stories 2018
  • This Boys Life by Tobias Wolff
  • How to Ruin Everything by George Watsky
  • Cyteen by C.J. Cherryh
  • Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed
  • The Baby Decision by Merle Bombardieri
  • Baby Love by Rebecca Walker
  • Facing Love Addiction by Pia Mellody
  • Rewriting the Rules by Meg-John Barker
  • Awkward Ty Tashiro
  • Desperately Seeking Self-Improvement… (Cederström, Spicer)
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