• 01: write 2018 instead of 2017 is weird, it seems like something that will take a long time to happen; fireworks are beautiful but it's like a jumpscare at the same time
  • 02: buddha invited all the animal kingdom to a party, but only 12 of them came. as thanking, he attributed the name of each one of them to the years and determined that people born in that period would inherit personality traits of these animals
  • 05: a nectarine is a peach without fuzz
  • 08: kick-ass is actually a good movie; star wars: the last jedi is pretty cool
  • 12: salami is one of my favourite foods, but so expensive...
  • 15: the end of the f***ing world is a good tv show. not the best, but good; we might be dead by tomorrow (soko) is such a great song
  • 17: sharks don't eat human beings, they think we are anothers marine animals but when they bite us they throw away soon because we aren't good for their stomachs and we have a lot ot bones
  • 19: the air only comes out of one of the holes in your nose, actually in the other one comes just a little
  • 20: there are only 345 days left until the end of the year
  • 21: bubble tea with tapioca boba it's not that bad, it's actually pretty good; arizona green iced tea with honey it's good but it's not too sweet
  • 23: there's a brand called bolovo, bolovo is how scotch eggs are called in brazil; they don't sell chewing gum at disney stores
  • 24: there's no purple in the rainbow
  • 25: there are 3 types of daltonism: deuteranomaly, protanopia and tritanopia
  • 27: how to restore a computer
  • 30: Karine is a diminutive for Katherine and another version of the swedish name, Karin. The origin of the name is the greek for Aikaterhíne, that comes from the word kathará, that means purity
  • 31: my motto is "love all, trust a few, do wrong to none"


  • 02: women can be a hero too and save a whole country; roller coaster are called russian mountains in brazil so i discover that in russia it's called american mountains
  • 09: saturn rings are 95% ice
  • 10: carnival is cooler than i thought
  • 16: oman is the only country in the world that starts with an "o"
  • 19: men sucks, especially my brother
  • 21: you can be someone's and still be by your own; too much happiness make you unhappy
  • 22: ton 618 is the most massive black hole in the entire universe; black holes are scary; we're nothing but a atom compared to the solar system, stars, nebulae, black holes and galaxies; watch to videos of the universe makes me feel anxious; the formation of a black hole happens when a large star dies and is simply imploded, causing its density to become infinite with the accumulation of mass in a single point
  • 23: don't speak with the voice of someone else
  • 24: a nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases
  • 26: surprises are the best


  • 02: danielly and me are very similar
  • 07: theus is even cooler than i thought ♡
  • 08: valentina tereshkova was the first woman in space
  • 09: bugs are cool
  • 10: cigarettes are pretty cool
  • 13: i learned in philosophy class: you doubt everything except that you are doubting, therefore you are; think therefore i am cogito ergo sum – rené descartes
  • 15: xxxtentation has good songs; cloud rap it's not bad as i thought
  • 16: if you think a day it's being bad, wait till the end
  • 18: i love albums with pink cover and pink it's definitely my favorite color; harmless is perfect
  • 22: you don't have to impress anyone


  • 01: joy division is awesome
  • 04: tsurezure children is the most cute anime in the whole world
  • 09: slope failure is not fault of the rain, it is caused by human action
  • 10: the value of the things depends of who sees; money just have value because we decided to put
  • 11: the limit of creativity is the knowledge
  • 12: don't be ungrateful
  • 14: boys are weird
  • 15: sometimes you need to just go out with your friends with no reason
  • 19: a slogan is actually a very useful marketing strategy
  • 22: i'm grateful to have lavinia; the true enemy of humanity is desorder
  • 23: ethic: a social value that identifies, qualifies and guides as universal principles and human actions and actions
  • 29: the maximum number of slices of pizza that i've already ate was 9; adolescence is crazy...


  • 01: spirited away is amazing
  • 10: genetic and hereditary are not the same thing, genetic is what is in DNA and heredity is something that goes from family to family; matrices are really fun
  • 11: art is one of the best ways for human beings to express their feelings and emotions, mostly expressed aesthetically, has cultural concepts and evolves according to human values
  • 12: dr. strange is an awesome movie
  • 15: sometimes i'm really lucky, it's not impossible at all to me to win a raffle
  • 16: a heartbroken hurts
  • 17: room is a beautiful movie, i cried like a baby
  • 20: the phenomenon known as cute aggression explains that sometimes the cuteness is so great that the brain does not resist and manifests it in the form of a subtle aggressiveness, which does not intend to cause pain in those who awaken this cuteness. according to the researchers, these responses may be an expression of feelings of protection or an unconscious way of regulating the energy triggered by the body when seeing cute things
  • 31: i rly love chuu


  • 07: reality is always unique
  • 10: impossibility is a kiss away from reality
  • 11: it's never too late to start something that you wanna do
  • 12: i can enjoy my own company
  • 15: i got a flu, so i like to spend the whole night in a warm blanket while reading webtoons and listening to lo-fi
  • 18: kakegurui is probably the best anime i watched this year until now
  • 28: if you limit yourself out of fear you'll never reach your full potential


  • 01: today is the first day of the rest of your life
  • 03: "we are good by nature but corrupted by society" - rosseau; the 80 richest people in the world own half of all existing wealth
  • 07: dogs actually kinda see only black and white
  • 13: plants grow up faster if they're listening to music
  • 17: travels are the best
  • 25: i'M tOO lAzY THIS LIST IS KILLING ME; the incredibles 2 is incredible *laugh sounds*


  • 11: it can be cool even if you're not into it; i'm not shy when i'm drunk
  • 18: you can make yourself happy just by making your friends better
  • 26: carpe diem
  • 28: just try your best, it's ok if you fail


  • 06: secret kisses in the library makes my heart beats sweeter
  • 08: “if in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don't put it there.” — Chekhov
  • 16: a show is cool even if it's from a artist you don't know
  • 23: a shitty movie is better with friends
  • 24: metalheads sucks
  • 29: DO NOT. DRINK. TOO MUCH. (seriously)


  • 06: when you're almost kissing someone DON'T THINK JUST KISS
  • 07: ele não
  • 09: so........ just bc it's ur first sexual experience doesn't mean it have to be bad
  • 12: the breakfast club is a great movie
  • 13: boys will be boys
  • 27: parties can be fun withouth drugs and alcohol
  • 28: pizza hut is cheap and delicious
  • 31: halloween parties from school can be fun


  • 02: watch a show where's everyone is sat on chairs is 49859339 more comfortable and less exhausting
  • 04: pizza parties are great (even if your house sucks)
  • 05: the sandman is a mythical character in western and northern european folklore who puts people to sleep and brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of people while they sleep at night
  • 10: ear stretching is not a terrible pain as many people said
  • 15: all of the stars have a reason
  • 16: i'm way more introvert than i thought
  • 19: são paulo is the best city ever
  • 20: don't be afraid of changing your hair color


  • 01: ducks are cute
  • 06: simple days with cheap fast food are the coolest
  • 11: sometimes you'll need to make a choice that put your friend in matter
  • 16: picnics are always a good option
  • 17: love live is perfect
  • 23: i look good with purple violet hair; raffa moreira is an angel
  • 24: going to brás at 5am was a funny experience
  • 25: merry christmas. i love chicken pie.
  • 31: nye vibes with friends are the best
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