j a n u a r y

  • dancing and singing 80's songs with mommy
  • got my first cat. he's a male, his name is tobias (tobi for short)
  • watching tangled and crying with my cat tobias sleeping with me in my belly for the first time // also: going in a call with the guys from sesi for the first time, got well received and the guys are pretty cool
  • having pizza party with danielly in my house
  • hanging out with some friends i love to liberdade and getting complimented as fuck
  • pool party with some new friends,,, definitely cool. // also: i kissed like 3 ppl in the same day and things got hotter with some girl i met, she gave me her coconut ring
  • got my first t-shirt from nerd universe and it's gorgeous
  • “common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18” — albert eisten
  • went to laura's birthday party, i cried a lot in every corner of her house but it was a cool party anyways
  • went to agf w pedro, we both got kinda drunk

f e b r u a r y

  • spending 2 hours reading oyasumi punpun (manga is literature!!!)
  • dying my hair and looking good in hot pink
  • hanging out w the coolest guys in the town (we went to a park at 10PM lol)
  • chatting important things w renan during 4 hours straight in a park
  • the world is filled of people that will gonna try to tell you who you are, but that's for you to decide
  • went to a game night w esfirra party and some cool guys :-)
  • went to julia's house (did some decent human interaction on the bus!)
  • finally: pedro's surprise party happened. that was a cool day.
  • just drink w some friends in mateus's house :-)

m a r c h

  • carnival's first day, finally. rly cool day!
  • carnival's second day, it rained as fuck but it was a cool day anyway
  • carnival's last day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • gessy's bday yikes
  • went to edu's house to netflix and chill >w< weird goodbye but ok :))
  • all-you-can-eat breakfast w mom!! also;; renan's pajama party pretty fucking funny day lmao

a p r i l

  • pedro's pajama party lol we invited taveira and it was pretty fun! i also lost my virginity lol
  • got my first iphone, finally.. iphone 8+ rocks
  • i felt for the first time how it is like to go in a college band show, poor thing the bass player was currently daiting >n<
  • dumbo (2019) is a pretty cute movie tbh
  • cute ppl r the best :::)))
  • happy easter feelings
jan 7 2019 ∞
apr 21 2020 +