j a n u a r y

  • alright guess imma go to college now?!

f e b r u a r y

  • ulisses’s partYyYy
  • first break down of the year wow i dyed my hair neon green & black
  • last house party i’m hosting so so sad
  • i’m single ( ´Д`)y━・~~
  • crying literally every fucking day
  • suicide attempt uwu

m a r c h

  • a little bit better but like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • partYyYy again and i cried at the end of it
  • wait what quarantine

a p r i l

  • horny horny horny
  • i still remember my ex but that’s ok i guess
  • really anxious but pretending nothing is happening by watching rupaul’s drag race during all day

m a y

  • idk what to write here i do nothing all day

j u n e

  • ngl missing the idea of having an indie relationship but i’m a lot better!!
  • kinda loving myself, waiting for my glow-up tho!
  • just had my 5th tattoo ♡

j u l y

  • finally moved!! miss grandma and the dogs tho.....。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
  • dyed my hair pink (again?!)
  • saw my friends for the first time in a long couple of months
  • oh god i did it i got in college. finally!!!

a u g u s t

apr 21 2020 ∞
oct 5 2020 +