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  • (a place where) longing feelings touch
    • maybe it's not fate that brings them together.
  • built to last
    • “You’d have to wait. And the process of waiting is what makes you fall more in love.”
  • Falling for You
    • Basically, Kim Jongin is extremely clumsy and falls off the stairs on his way to class, but luckily Byun Baekhyun is there to save the day.
  • Pizza delivery guy
    • Baekhyun wants a slice of pizza and the cute delivery guy
  • Remember me
    • "Do you believe in parallel universe?"
  • suck a lip, break a neck
    • three times jongin gets kissed, but also gets his neck almost broken in the process
  • The Point of No Return
    • Jongin discovers the power of his pouts and Baekhyun realizes that he may in fact be in love with him.
  • today and tomorrow, i love you
    • Baekhyun believes this time in his life, right now, is beautiful.
  • (you are) everything
    • Jongin is strong and loyal. He is helpful and kind. He is a good friend, father, and mate. Sometimes, he forgets, but it's okay. Baekhyun is there to remind him.
  • You say your lines and i’ll say mine
    • Baekhyun and his friends are making a movie of their own to kill time during the summer. It's a lot of work, especially when Baekhyun is acting alongside his biggest crush ever and the camera keeps rolling in their faces.
  • You were waiting for me
    • Baekhyun is waiting for the unexpected, he is waiting for it. He even dreams of it, that incredible unknown that will kidnaps his hours and disrupts his heart. However, nothing prepare him to Jongin. Neither his novels or his fantasies. He knows better than succumb but who could really resist? Why no one ever tell him that it was possible to have unicorn galloping on his veins? Damn love at first sight!


  • A better side of you
    • Drained as he is, deep down, Baekhyun is restless.
  • Blaze your fire
    • Baekhyun and Kai smoke together.
  • Entropy
    • "The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems always evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium, a state with maximum entropy." Jongin still had no idea what the hell that meant, but he could safely assume that love, life, and isolated systems, worked in the same way.
  • got what I want
    • the song is called touch it, so that's what baekhyun does
  • Harmony
    • A shy author who writes a novel series which are super popular but is on indefinite hiatus. Soon after the ruler of hell appears in front of them in a dramatic burst of smoke demanding for them to continue because apparently demons are also very fond of popular literature
  • If Lost, Return to : Baekhyun
    • Baekhyun thought house sitting would be easy
  • ILYA (AKA That Fic Where Jongin Wears a Skirt)
    • Baekhyun has a new kink and Jongin indulges him.
  • In my own little corner (in my own little chair)
    • Jongin would like to just once get through his charms homework without ending up in the room of requirement.
  • Little Box Of Sin
    • Jongin was never too keen on the idea of sextoys, that is until his boyfriend Baekhyun changes his mind.
  • Live wire
    • alternate reality where baekhyun is a vampire, that's it, that's the premise. predebut fic.
  • Maddened to the marrow, smitten to the spleen
    • Baekhyun was tricked and treated in the same night: tricked when he didn't win best costume; treated when Jongin dressed up as the most delectable Dracula.
  • My Naughty Neighbor
    • Life had never been an easy road, if it was even a road at all.
  • My Religion
    • Jongin was a gift from the Heavens.
  • P.S. I love you
    • "Isn't it amazing how a person who was once just a stranger suddenly means the world to you?"-Baekhyun "No,what's amazing is how a person who once meant the world to you ,suddenly is just a stranger."-Kai.
  • Shadow Games
    • When he was a kid, Jongin was afraid of his own shadow, but he knows better now.
  • Show Me Love
    • “The trick is, in the beginning at least, to keep things soft and gentle,” Baekhyun tells him, shifting closer to him, “There’s no need to rush,” he reaches out, brushing Jongin’s dark hair from his face with a gentle hand before cupping his face, “It’s remembering little things like that, that turn an ordinary kiss, into an extraordinary one.”
  • Sleepyhead
    • what I wouldn’t give to keep this moment, this love, in glass
  • you always hurt the one you love
    • it's not jongin's fault he wants something baekhyun can't offer him. college au
      • Falling In Love Is The Hardest Part (Sequel)
        • "Chanyeol told me," Jongin says quietly, hand soothing the fine brown hair on Baekhyun's forearm, "that you've been missing me this whole time."
  • What's That Called?
    • Jongin just went through a tough backup, and Kyungsoo wants to help. But he won't be home tonight so he invites so he invites Jongin to chill with his freaky roommate, Baekhyun.
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