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  • 4 out of 4 really good avocados
  • a phone call from Jana from hgv thanking me for making a little mistake in my email, which woke her up from her routine and gave her joy. so nice
  • the playmobil pyramid at my local toyshop, the whole playmobil history range, and all the super-cute veggies they make
  • a weekend full of cooking new things from cookbooks: sweet corn soup with soy minced meat, semolina buddha bowl, Ella's porridge with roasted oats and golden syrup
  • Mirjam sharing her sweets with me
  • waiting for April 19th, when this film with Gina Rodriguez is finally on Netflix
  • little pretty eco tampons
  • good hair days with a really high hair-bun
  • nice comments about my excel skills from Eva and Stephan ('Daniela-Oettl-Preis')
  • realizing that acknowledging my own medical needs and then doing something about them is actual, valid and important self-care, especially amidst chaos at work!
  • cuddling a bronze-golden cocker spaniel puppy in REWE until its lovely owner returned
  • the first really nice strawberries of the year
  • my colleagues respecting my wish for them not to talk about a topic and actually shifting gears in their jokes to avoid the topic. i appreciate that so much
  • rain & a THUNDERSTORM
  • the chubby Italian toddler at Galestro
  • there is a Waterstones on the channel island Jersey!
  • the opening of my garden patch and a lovely dinner afterwards (the cilantro-and-lime-rice, chimichurri sauce and peanut butter sauce were brilliant!)
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