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  • the other women in my book club engaging with and reading and letting the books we choose into their lives
  • selecting and buying lots of pretty stamps online, which were then also delivered really fast
  • my neighbourhood bookshop is open again and they allow for collection!
  • ordering books for and planning Valentine's packages for Sonja and Daphne
  • sleeping really well and for a long time on a weekday
  • an unofficial Bridgerton musical is being created on TikTok and it sounds amazing
  • snow on a Sunday
  • a bunch of daffodils, like little suns
  • a perfect avocado
  • Kamala Harris being sworn in as first female, first African-American, first Asian-American Vice-President of the United States of America
  • sending little gifts to my pen pals ♥ Jenna loves her washi tapes, Mareen her little nature notebook and the feminist stickers for Taylor are still en route
  • a pain au chocolate, half a baguette and a great walnut brownie
  • sleeping under three duvets, weighed down wonderfully and perfectly warm
  • my colleague Susanne not only sent me the package from work I asked her for, but also included a chocolate bar with fleur de sel and a nice postcard as a gift from her
  • drawing: lots of cupcakes, snowdrops ~ even with a little green shimmer on them, pizza
  • my mum was so happy about her late Christmas/ early Valentine's package (with Ella's cookbook, a book on Berlin for Win, and a strategic squirrel game)
  • toast with cheddar and avocado
jan 1 2021 ∞
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