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  • three tiny apples, an orange, a quince
  • Bridgerton, a new Regency-era series by Shonda Rhimes, on Netflix Dec. 25th
  • a bright, grey morning, the sun breaking through the clouds
  • how light & hopeful & optimistic everything felt once it was clear that Biden won
  • first clementines, then limes placed all along my kitchen sideboard like a vibrant pearl necklace
  • drawing: hot winter drinks with cinnamon sticks and/ or whipped cream, animals with Christmas hats, an ice-bear
  • a soft-boiled egg on toast
  • the Wall Street Journal is interested in printing a photo of my penpalooza Little Women postcards!
  • Meike gave me a lovely cloth-bound book called 'poetry pharmacy' as a gift just because ♥
  • essential oils (lemon & lavender)
  • having a phone-call with Michael Mittermeier
  • looking forward to filling some biscuit tins with the most delicious store-bought Christmas treats
  • this little girl dancing with the best rock'n'roll face, moves and wagging finger
  • a tea-exchange with some lovely ladies on twitter
  • Penguin's clothbound classics series
  • curly fries & Brotzeitgurken
  • the Wall Street Journal actually printed a picture of my Little Women cards in their article!
  • i found a nice small wreath, fitting perfectly
  • a lovely tea advent calendar from A
nov 2 2020 ∞
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