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  • me coming back from the bookfair with inspiration from Sophie about the fancy sprayed edges etc by Bücherbüchse, telling my boss and him then actually working with this info and creating an idea!
  • Taylor Swift announced 'Speak Now (Taylor's Version)' for 7th July!
  • several great fantasy audiobooks, still sealed, from work and a thriller (A.K. Turner)
  • my new bookshelves smelling so good
  • ‘The Diplomat’ on Netflix is great! I’ll rewatch it again for sure, brilliantly written, funny, with a diverse cast and in episode 3 three women (two of them women of colour!) are talking about world politics on a balcony, almost no men in sight
  • orange trees in the town square, lemon trees in almost every front yard!
  • ‘ciao miaoci’
  • spectacularly creamy gelato (crema cinque terre with lemon crunch and pistachio)
  • ripe and sweet melons. amazing with cheekily bought salami (instead of parma ham)
  • the crystalline blue Mediterranean ocean, in places so clear you can see the ground
  • tiramisu to go, what a concept
  • focaccia, its fluffiness and crispiness, with little pockets of olive oil
  • almost secret little bays and beaches, a magical staircase in the cliffs, a hidden grotto of calla lilies and a little stream, tiny lizards
  • making delicious risotto with green asparagus, roasted pine nuts, topped with a poached egg
  • preparing courgette flowers with fresh pasta: it’s like the little courgette that come with the flowers are extra gifts on top and the ricotta cheese was in its own tiny basket inside the yoghurty pot it came in
  • blooming bushes hanging from Karlshöhe
  • having been back at work for 3 days and my boss already praised me twice in front of other people ("surely can move things with her enthusiasm" about me pitching and then today when i had a really good reference title for an unmarketable sounding book, which suddenly opens up an actual target audience, he loudly exclaimed: Thank you! Finally a good point that actually helps!)
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