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  • collecting pen pals, via penpalooza on twitter and elfster, and crafting letters
  • dark academia aesthetics, wearing my tweed skirt again
  • two of my favourite creators on twitter launched patreons on the same day: Anne Louise Avery, a beautiful patreon for her little stories, and Sarah Maria Griffin for her wordfury zines
  • drawing little watercolour illustrations on my envelopes
  • connecting with my new pen pal Daphne on twitter, her lovely message when she received my first letter and her beautifully autumnal letter in return
  • oh, those gorgeous watercolour stickers on etsy
  • picking apples directly from the trees and i could feel where they were warmed by the sun
  • Ella's spectacular chocolate chip cookies (i think the secret ingredients are salted butter and vanilla extract)
  • drawing tiger lilies, a reading fox, oak leaves and apples, also my new muted watercolour set
  • having re-arranged the furniture in my bedroom, even stronger cottage-core aesthetic and reading in bed is now properly possible
  • watching 'Enola Holmes' in bed in the morning with chocolate chip cookies and tea
  • beautiful and touching mail from Sonja, her lovely words and the creative little pool inside the match-box
  • miss minz and their lovely lemonades
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