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  • the orange ranunkel
  • discovering 'Twas the Nightshift before Christmas' by Adam Kay is coming out in October
  • Tiffy and Leon from 'The Flatshare', this book was so lovely
  • first really liking 'JapanEasy' in the bookshop and then finding it in the library!
  • Hans-Jürgen gifting me a little jar of jam as a thank-you for getting him a book for free
  • praise from Stephan for writing an email with a great point and book title as point of reference
  • the weather these days: cool and a bit rainy, but full of spring and very green
  • getting lots of great book recommendations from a twitter thread by Marian Keyes, who asked for police procedurals written by women
  • finding out that for my current binge-read, police procedural thrillers by Sarah Hilary, books four, five and now six have already been published
  • gardening with Meike, when Hanne and Tobi came to their garden patch as well. a smug moment of feeling like i have a lot of friends
  • realizing with Katy that next year, 2020, will be our ten year friendship anniversary!
  • lying next to 8-months-old Tiuri talking to him, reading the little book i gave him, when Muckla nudged my side also wanting some attention
  • salty seaside air & the smell of seaweed
  • galettes & caramel au beurre salé
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