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  • poached eggs, how they are much easier to make than i thought, their silkiness, and i can now even do it myself!
  • that moment in Julie & Julia at Julia‘s sister‘s wedding when while dancing with their respective husbands the two sisters link arms for a second and the two men shake hands
  • sunrise over the Siebengebirge
  • Fallen London's 10th birthday and the excellent pictures from the game they post on twitter because of it, among them this inspiring article
  • Axel Hacke‘s early columns, especially ‘Wurst’, which i still cannot finish reading to someone without crying of laughter
  • a colourful new season of ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix
  • my birthday brunch at the Flamberg: baking two quiches (caramelized onion and tomato a full success!) and a chocolate cake in advance, my mum meeting Vladi, Karol & Felix being lovely to Winfried
  • pink tulips in a shade called 'milkshake'
  • Jack Monroe's apple cinnamon loaf cake, how few ingredients it needs, how easy & adaptable it is
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