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  • olivia saying we're a strong level 2
  • reaching the top while climbing twice in a row, trying out the martini glass
  • sophie wearing a ttpd skirt
  • pebble-smooth giant white beans
  • beating my own records at pole
  • miri's super-short fringe and tattoos
  • the porter smiling and waving back every morning
  • new Ali Hazelwood tomorrow! and a new one after that already announced for february
  • a random flirtatious moment at the traffic lights
  • my new pinkish-red pullover
  • my nail polish and underwear matching, my tshirt and underwear matching in shades of salmon and apricot
  • nicola coughlan is so beautiful in bridgerton season 3
  • the new super-low sneaker socks and how perfect they are after pole when the tops of my feet hurt
  • the amazing thematic mash-ups recently! (the bolter x getaway car, the murder mashup: carolina x no body, no crime)
  • emily knows my name!
  • switching between chair sit & reverse chair sit
  • claudia jessie interviews and dance videos specifically
  • contemplating rose-gold pole high heels
  • mastering the double string friendship bracelet
  • unexpectedly finding out a new colleague is also really into the ???
  • franzi’s velvet pole clothes
  • all my muscles and bruises ♥
  • three beautiful women on my way to work (in a dark blue top and yellow pants at my metro stop, with red curly hair, with a yellow dress and gorgeous braids)
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