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  • thinking "i am a french press" when squeezing the tea-bag with my lupine coffee in the morning
  • ordering two more leigh bardugo books at the library and one of them is exactly the next in series to the one i just finished
  • how my new second-hand glittery skirt, the pullover with the lacy (and wonderfully long) sleeves and the blue blouse all fit me perfectly
  • the swifts are back and flying races & manoeuvres and i think one of them is nesting in the backyard
  • the English editions of the latest Leigh Bardugo books i just bought are so pretty & shiny
  • Sonja sent me a beautiful pink breakfast cookbook! ♥
  • when i finally decided to buy the amelie prints on etsy, they were suddenly on sale for 30% less
  • buying two films in an itunes sale (both the new Emma adaptation and the new Jumanji film)
  • waking up & hearing rain
  • this cool and windy May, with lots of bursts of alternating rain and sunshine, perfect rainbow season
  • randomly discovered: "Vincent" by Sarah Connor
  • having cut my hair again, it somehow felt like i cut off a lot of darkness and sadness with it
  • Hanne's elegant design for our BLM reading group postcard
apr 30 2021 ∞
jun 1 2021 +