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Oh shit. I have to talk about myself here? Wow. Uuh. Well, I guess.I have a ton of nicknames and an identity disorder. You'll find out more as time goes on, I guess.

Cynn follows:
Amalgamation ... Lee (kintypes)
Questioning Kintypes (and the alters that have them)
Ford (kintypes)
Harley (kintypes)
Finn (kintypes)
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My headspace is weird and filled with other people.

  • Grimmienshvaki {Hellhound}
  • Faeryn {Unseelie Fae}
  • Saio Cynn {Asshole}
  • Sollux Captor [Homestuck
  • Quentin Coldwater [The Magicians]
  • Twin Phantomhive [Kuroshitsuji (R!C)
  • Ruth [The Ancient Magus Bride]
  • Walter C. Dornez [Hellsing Ultimate]
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