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"아픔이 100이라면
그 100을 99, 98, 97로 만들어줄 수 있다면
그걸로 저희의 존재의 가치는 충분합니다"
— RM (171211 윙파콘)

cel television
bts fic rec (♡ taehyung/jungkook ♡)
angie performances (concerts in chronological order)
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  • you've got another boy to lose
    • 6k / pg-13 / canon
    • “What are you doing?” Yoongi asks before he can leave, not looking at him, but at Jimin, dwarfed by the big fluffy sheets that Seokjin prefers. He doesn’t have an answer to that.



  • just a kiss
    • 1k / pg / canon
    • Jungkook just likes kisses and the members don't mind.


  • (in)adequate
    • 1k / nc-17 / au
    • Yoongi wants to watch one of his best friends fuck his boyfriend. Is that weird?


  • dead embers
    • 9k / nc-17 / canon (warning: infidelity)
    • He felt electrified when he was with Jimin, a sparking energy that he had first experienced when he and Yoongi had gotten together. Jimin was infectious, addictive and as Jeongguk's shame and guilt dissipated as time drew on, he was happy to feed his addiction.
  • everything is cherries on top
    • 12k / nc-17 / volleyball club au
    • in which yoongi gets coerced into joining a gay men’s volleyball club and finds himself thoroughly confused by how hard jimin and jungkook are flirting with him.
  • i guess i want too much
    • 16k / nc-17 / au
    • "So, uh, how do you guys know each other?" "We're brothers," Jungkook says, and Jimin chokes on his own spit. Great. He fucked a pair of brothers.
  • one hundred way to love
    • 48k / pg-13 / abo au (warning: mpreg)
    • Jimin discovers he's pregnant while Yoongi is away on a three month world tour. Troubled and alone, Jimin seeks comfort in Jungkook, his new classmate and friend.
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