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"아픔이 100이라면
그 100을 99, 98, 97로 만들어줄 수 있다면
그걸로 저희의 존재의 가치는 충분합니다"
— RM (171211 윙파콘)

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and when you think of me, am i the best you've ever had

  • 12k / nc-17 / college au
  • Jimin and Taehyung had the perfect apartment. That is, until they break up.

baby i'm the one (and you're the only one)

  • 11k / nc-17 / college au
  • jimin really likes taehyung’s dog, and taehyung really has very little tact.

blame it on the black star

  • 6k / nc-17 / au (warning: self-harm, suicide)
  • If it's Taehyung, Park Jimin can handle almost anything.

down down down (i'm taking you with me)

  • 3k / pg-13 / spies au
  • “Oh no, however will I convince someone to let me into their bedroom?” Taehyung says gleefully.

everything feels like a dream (don't try to disappear)

  • 9k / pg-13 / bffs to lovers au
  • "You know that thing that people do in movies, where they’re trying to get over someone so they completely cut them out of their life, and it’s really sad and they cry a lot and then it’s fine? I’m in the process of that.”

finger cuffs

  • 30k / nc-17 / college au
  • taehyung falls in love every day but this time, he insists, it is real. but all of his friends are vehemently against the object of his latest affection.


  • 12k / pg-13 / fairy au
  • When Jimin is six, his brother catches a fairy in a jar.

hold me tight (hug me)

  • 6k / nc-17 / college au
  • aka the five times taehyung spells jimin's name wrong and the one time he doesn't

i will make you whole

  • 36k / nc-17 / college au, vampires
  • Taehyung is a closeted genius, and Jimin is just amateur at best.

i'm a teepee, i'm a wigwam (calm down, man -- you're two tents)

  • 9k / nc-17 / bffs turned lovers au
  • His best friend, in his infinite wisdom, had decided for some unfathomable reason that the perfect choice for a birthday celebration would be going camping. In the mountains.

it's your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in

  • 22k / pg-13 / college au
  • The first time Jimin sleeps over at Taehyung's, it's an emergency. The other times after? That's a different story.

i've got a badge and the power to play

  • 16k / nc-17 / roommates au
  • “But that’s weird right? It’d be weird?” “Nah,” Taehyung says, confident in his drunken state. “Friends can help friends. That’s why it’s called friends with benefits. The key to a good friend with benefits is no kissing, and I’m not going to kiss you, so.” But Jimin really, really wants him to.


  • 11k / nc-17 / strangers au
  • The rational part of Jimin's brain screams at him to remember what his mother said about strangers and vans. But the rational part of his brain is no match for really bad whiskey and Kim Taehyung.

keep your enemies close (the closer the better)

  • 6k / pg / high school au (girl!taehyung)
  • "Are you going to go congratulate her?" Out of their whole high school graduation, Jimin remembers this moment the most. He remembers looking over his shoulder at Taeyeon hugging her friends and chittering with her then-boyfriend and running her hands through her already messy hair, graduation cap in hand. "No," he had said firmly. "I'm not."

let's get going

  • 7k / nc-17 / canon
  • kim taehyung could've lived his whole life without knowing that jimin owns a dildo.

liquid cowardice

  • 9k / pg-13 / mall au
  • taehyung and jimin get trapped in the shopping mall on halloween night and, surprisingly, don't get attacked by zombies or demons.

morning, noon, and night

  • 14k / pg / college au
  • Taehyung doesn't know the proper etiquette for meeting your roommate's friend with benefits, but it probably doesn't include falling in love with him.

of henchmen and hostages

  • 4k / pg / hero-villain au
  • Taehyung is charming. He’s been told that he’s charming since he was old enough to talk, and while charm in and of itself is kind of worthless, he’s also sincere, and that’s gotten Taehyung pretty far in life. It’s a little harder to charm the person holding you hostage, but Taehyung doesn’t have anything better to do.

pablo honey, is this desire?

  • 5k / r / post-break up au
  • three years after being broken up, jimin and taehyung see each other for the first time and taehyung realizes he still hasn't let it go.


  • 74k / r / drag au
  • "Ahhhh," Jimin hums appreciatively, turning back to Taehyung and fluttering his long lashes. "Well that's okay, honey. Lots of people are shaken by my dick. Granted, it's usually inside of them at the time."

ring the changes

  • 45k / r / au
  • That's the nature of one-sided confessions. Things change.

sic transit gloria

  • 7k / nc-17 / abo au
  • Jimin dials Taehyung's number before he can give it a second thought.

summer, winter, spring (i'm falling for you)

  • 41k / pg-13 / high school au
  • The school starts to take notice of Jimin. Taehyung has always noticed.

that tv doesn't need any more screws (but i do)

  • 5k / nc-17 / college au
  • The hot guy blocking Jimin's way out of physiology wants five bucks for a blowjob.

the blood that binds

  • 61k / r / vampires au
  • Turning into a vampire isn’t the end of the world, but Jimin knows that if things can go wrong, they will. And they do.

the end before the beginning

  • 9k / r / time travel & war au
  • Part Angel, part Demon. Taehyung is truly the purgatory.

the sweater thief

  • 2k / pg-13 / roommates au
  • Taehyung has a dumb roommate, who likes to walk around shirtless even though it's freezing cold. Said roommate is also very attractive and said roommate may just be the one stealing his sweaters.

to be alone with you

  • 10k / nc-17 / office au
  • The last thing Taehyung expects is catching a dude jacking it in the backseat of his car. The last, last thing he expects is running into him again at work. But like he does with most things, he just goes for it.

up for air

  • 4k / nc-17 / secret agents au
  • Jimin and Taehyung use kissing as a diversion tactic. Taehyung has a mini-crisis.

you're only brave in the moonlight

  • 14k / nc-17 / college au
  • There are reasons, very specific reasons that justify why—in three years of being hopelessly pathetically in love with his best friend—Jimin has not said a single word. Certainly hasn’t made a single move or attempt at a pass. But when it comes down to it, three years is a long time. A very long time. So when Jimin’s dam breaks, it breaks hard.

you're the best (i wanna know about your day)

  • 8k / pg / college au
  • There is very little that Taehyung hates more than 8 am classes. But wow. Look at that. He’s found something. 8 am ballet.
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