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"아픔이 100이라면
그 100을 99, 98, 97로 만들어줄 수 있다면
그걸로 저희의 존재의 가치는 충분합니다"
— RM (171211 윙파콘)

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bts fic rec (♡ taehyung/jungkook ♡)
angie performances (concerts in chronological order)
bina kookmin playlist


  • 107k / r / hospital au
  • Where Min Yoongi is a second year resident at the Seoul National University Hospital working in the A&E and has absolutely no time or heart to tend to the rich and pompous but is forced to re-evaluate a lot of his life choices when he meets Jeon Jungkook.

about soulmates and inevitable doom

  • 22k / pg-13 / soulmates au
  • when you turn twenty, the ability to communicate with your soulmate by writing on your skin manifests. jungkook's soulmate wants nothing to do with him. yoongi can't help but associate soulmates with inevitable doom.

after you

  • 4k / pg / college au
  • “i have to find this kid. i have to find him.”

all this longing (that's what the water gave us)

  • 14k / pg-13 / siren au
  • yoongi is saved from the water by a boy who needs a heart.

and though it approaches, still his heart looms

  • 8k / pg-13 / au
  • "songs of the night." he swallows for romance as it dared to fall from his mouth and onto the floor.


  • 3k / pg / hogwarts au
  • Five moments between slytherin house sixth year Min Yoongi and third year transfer student Jeon Jungkook.

bergen, 4:30 a.m.

  • 3k / r / canon
  • "it's coming of age day, hyung. i'm allowed to be reckless."

black & gold

  • ongoing / nc-17 / camboy au
  • Jungkook is the highest-rated camboy in the city, and he's damn proud of it. At least, he is for half of the week; the other half, another camboy takes his crown, and Jungkook is nothing if not a sore loser.

broadcast the boom in my chest, so they can hear it

  • 21k / r / tinder au
  • It’s Namjoon who suggests that he makes a Tinder account. “No.” He glares at Namjoon across the table. If this is because of the Christmas party, Yoongi is going to murder him with his own tiny hands.


  • 4k / r / au
  • They’re running, they’ve been running, for what must be nearing an hour now, and though their feet are covered in scars, though their lungs burn and they gasp with thirst, they don’t dare stop.

cerulean & malachite

  • 16k / nc-17 / soulmates au
  • Under normal circumstances, in everyday life, an aura would be invisible to the eye; but when two Soulmates found each other, it was said that they would see the color of each others’ auras. Jungkook spent his entire life with his eyes wide open, searching around him, waiting; watching and waiting. Jungkook became impressively good at observation.

color me swept off my feet

  • 7k / pg / hair salon au
  • In which Namjoon is an asshole friend who disses Yoongi’s style and Yoongi reluctantly drags himself to get a haircut. Also in which Jeongguk is the hairdresser on whom Yoongi develops a mortifying teenage crush and it all goes to hell from there, with a lot of help from well-meaning friends.


  • 17k / r / college texting au
  • a drunk jungkook meets a girl at a party who gives him a fake number to get rid of him.

describe your ideal type here

  • 13k / pg-13 / college au
  • taehyung makes a business out of matchmaking. yoongi smiles at jungkook at a coffee shop and it's really a downwards spiral from there on. both jungkook and yoongi probably need new roommates.


  • 22k / r / historical fantasy au
  • “Well, you are lovely.” The man says, blinking appreciably as he looks Jungkook up and down. “I think Lord Yoongi will like you very much, even with these strange clothes you’re wearing.” Jungkook stills. What. What.

do it like me

  • ongoing / r / neighbors au
  • min yoongi the cop… gets feelings for local housekeeper aka neighbor who's cute af

doggy style

  • 10k / pg-13 / dogwalking au
  • In which Jeon Jeongguk is a dog walker, Min Yoongi is a world-famous rapper, and Min Holly is done with everyone's shit.

don't dream it's over

  • 8k / pg-13 / soulmates au
  • After meeting your soulmate you can never move further than ten metres away from them, and Jungkook meets his soulmate the morning of his final exam.

donut know what i'd do without you

  • 4k / pg / krispy kreme au
  • When Jeongguk follows the familiar route to the shop, he realizes that, despite feeling absolutely mortified with every interaction, Jeongguk almost wants to see if Blondie is there. The coffee and donuts are good, sure, but a part of him wants to find out what Blondie plans on saying next despite Jeongguk always being the butt of the joke.

first impressions

  • 4k / pg / restaurant au
  • "you’re a famous critique and I’m a server and I get so nervous that I trip and spill the dish all over you" AU

flower boys

  • 2k / pg / canon
  • yoongi and jungkook take care of a plant together.

fool me once

  • 24k / pg-13 / blind date au
  • Yoongi is thirty years old and alone. He's got a watered-down version of his dream job, an older sister who won't stop trying to set him up with every girl she knows, and today is his parents' fortieth anniversary. Maybe if he was happier he wouldn't have pretended to be someone else's blind date in the middle of the train station.

fools (fall) ; a collection

  • ongoing / pg - r / canon
  • a collection of drabbles from a canon point of view about falling in love.

forget yesterday

  • 3k / r / au (warning: mentions of rape, suicide)
  • there is a scar on his cheek. he covers it up with makeup. one day he’ll be able to look at himself without wanting to erase himself completely.

heart bind

  • 43k / r / au
  • yoongi didn’t need to break his heart; jungkook did it all on his own.

here comes the sun

  • 57k / pg-13 / summer camp au
  • yoongi comes back to summer camp and finds himself in something of a crisis.

hocus pocus

  • 8k / nc-17 / college au
  • Hoseok drags Yoongi to a Halloween party that he has no interest in, dressed as a stupid fucking cat, no less, and all but abandons his hyung in pursuit of a cute boy with pink hair and clam shells. Yoongi is mad for approximately thirty seconds until he catches a pretty witch making eyes across the room at him.

home is (this house and the people in it)

  • ongoing / nc-17 / housemates au
  • jungkook stays for a night, and then ends up staying a lot longer.

i know i'll fall in love with you, baby

  • 31k / pg-13 / soulmates au
  • Yoongi is part of a famous rap duo and Jungkook is his diligent fanboy. They meet at a fansign and things escalate from there.

i'll be yours

  • 7k / pg-13 / the proposal au
  • Busy COO Min Yoongi makes a deal with his assistant: a temporary marriage to prevent Yoongi from getting deported in exchange for a promotion. Only now they've got to convince Jungkook's family that the fake marriage is a real one.

in a tidal wave of mystery (you'd still be standing next to me)

  • 7k / pg / au
  • Who knew 8 years and 237 kilometers could feel like oceans and universes when the only person you've wanted nothing more in this world looks at you as if you're nothing more than a child?

it would be a lie to say that yoongi regretted this turn of events

  • 7k / nc-17 / au
  • Yoongi goes out looking for a good time and gets far more than he bargained for.

let's stay sober tonight

  • 32k / r / au (warning: depression, suicide attempt)
  • Jungkook is a high school student partying with college kids; he has issues, but so does Yoongi, and maybe it's all going to work out in the end.

love me lights out

  • 10k / r / college au
  • Min Yoongi is the student TA for Digital Mix Techniques 201, aka Jeongguk's eight a.m. this semester, aka his thrice-weekly reminder that he is, in fact, gay. That's how it starts.

my youth is yours

  • 24k / pg-13 / college au
  • “What did you say your name was?” says Yoongi, after an eternity of awkward silence. “Jeongguk,” says Jeongguk. “Um. My name is Jeon Jeongguk. I’m a freshman.” “Oh,” says Yoongi. “Fucking hell.”

off the record

  • 15k / nc-17 / producer-idol au
  • There’s a phone being held offensively close to Yoongi’s face, opened on an article with a bolded title: ‘POP IDOL JUNGKOOK ENLISTS THE HELP OF UNDERGROUND HIP HOP PRODUCER MIN SUGA FOR UPCOMING ALBUM’.

on top of a hill

  • 6k / pg-13 / college au
  • he thinks about how a boy like this, who owns all of his heart and body and soul, how can a boy like this exist?


  • 3k / pg / au
  • this is how jungkook came about acquiring a cat.


  • 84k / nc-17 / au (warning: underage)
  • Yoongi returns home to Orange County after two years at Seoul University and moves into a shared apartment with his younger brother, Taehyung. A memento discovered during the move triggers flashbacks of an intense, illicit affair with the 16 year-old "neighbor kid" in the weeks before Yoongi left for Grad school.

ride out the storm with you

  • 26k / r / spy au
  • babysitting a field operative who probably has the shittiest measure of danger is definitely not a part of yoongi's job description. but that's what he still ends up doing half the time, anyway.

run this town

  • 240k / nc-17 / au
  • businessman!yoongi meets stripper!jungkook

seltzer water and lemon juice for blood

  • 5k / pg-13 / au
  • yoongi is not sure when having jungkook turn up at his door bloody and bruised became normal.

shake bend and break

  • 48k / r / neighbors au
  • Min Yoongi takes in a stray cat. Jeon Jeongguk lives next door.

siren song

  • 25k / pg-13 / witch au
  • the thing about jungkook is that he’s a bit of a spacey witch.

soft melodies and softer touches

  • 11k / r / dancer + pianist au
  • Jeongguk's a contemporary dancer, and Yoongi is his academy's pianist

stay on track

  • 14k / pg-13 / high school au
  • Jungkook is the Golden Boy of the track team and he’s not about to let some scrawny 12th grader steal his thunder, no matter how attractive the guy might be.


  • 5k / r / tokyo ghoul au
  • Jungkook is hungry- so, so hungry, and Yoongi smells utterly sweet.

take me out (we're going down)

  • 20k / pg-13 / college au
  • There are a lot of things that Jungkook expected from his junior year of college. General stress. Student debt. He did not expect to be hit by a car. It’s going well.

telescoping series

  • 8k / pg / canon
  • Five eyewitness accounts of the interaction between min yoongi and jeon jungkook.

tell me about it

  • 3k / pg-13 / college au
  • jungkook gets dumped at a drive-in. yoongi keeps him company.

temporary love

  • 13k / r / producer + idol au
  • "Don't think," Jeongguk whispers, "Yoongi, don't think, just kiss me, please." Yoongi thinks. He thinks a lot. So telling him not to think is... Well, futile.

the castle on the hill

  • 30k / r / hyyh + spring day au
  • mom, dad, i'm sorry, but i've got to go.

the garden of eden

  • 13k / pg / flower shop au
  • the truth of it all is that yoongi is inexplicably lonely.

the last

  • 7k / pg-13 / au
  • happy twenty-three, hyung. love, jungkookie. it's just a note, stuck in a red envelope with silly drawings and a couple of gift cards sort of folded, but mostly crinkled. yoongi keeps the card.

the nights were really meant for saying things you can't say tomorrow day

  • 9k / pg-13 / canon
  • "you know, the fact that my rap puts you to sleep should be insulting," yoongi says wryly.

the weather in busan

  • 6k / pg-13 / au
  • on sundays, jungkook listens to a strange little radio show while painting and may or may not be slightly in love with a voice.

this mess we're in

  • ongoing / pg-13 / canon
  • they kiss backstage in cheongju, and that’s where things start spiraling out of control. he’d tried to ignore it; the feeling of something building up, everything he was suddenly feeling, telling himself, this is harmless, telling himself, it’s just jungkook. it’s just jungkook.


  • 20k / pg-13 / college au
  • “i’m doing a social experiment and writing about it,” taehyung says easily. “i decided to handcuff two people together for twenty-four hours and have them report back to me on the experience."

very much like the moon

  • 17k / pg-13 / college au
  • min yoongi is big feelings material. min yoongi is hans zimmer soundtrack, frenching in the rain, quantum heart nut material, and every time jungkook sees him he feels at once too big for his body and like he wants to take a running jump off a diving platform. jungkook has known yoongi for three months and he already can’t imagine his life yoongi-less.

walk in the light

  • 4k / pg-13 / love yourself au
  • being okay has never been about turning back time.

we who hide from the sun

  • 24k / nc-17 / friends to lovers au
  • “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday. And then, quietly, and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”

what the sun does to flowers

  • ongoing / r / hanahaki au
  • "excuse me," jungkook clears his throat, somewhat immediately uncomfortable as soon as eyes meet his. they're gray and pretty in a way that makes people wonder things. he coughs. "— did you call the police?"or; jungkook falls in love, and it hurts.

witches petals

  • 14k / pg-13 / flower shop au
  • yoongi has an affinity for cute (witch) florists

with a bang (stunted plants can bloom)

  • 24k / r / college au
  • what not to do when you find yourself falling for the guy you almost slept with but then didn’t because he turned out to be your friends’ roommate: a guide by min yoongi

with love so like a flood

  • ongoing / pg-13 / college au
  • yoongi gets stabbed with a screwdriver, falls in love, and fake dates his best friend.

you stir up a mcflurry in my heart

  • 7k / pg-13 / mcdonald's drive thru au
  • Jungkook is completely and utterly screwed the moment he develops a crush on the voice behind the McDonald’s Drive Thru speaker.

you took my hand out from the rain

  • 8k / r / joseon au
  • “There’s trouble brewing,” Jungkook murmurs. “Are you prepared?” “Always. Are you?” He bows long and low, and when he rises he meets Yoongi’s gaze through the messy fall of his hair. “You know I will do anything to protect you, my king.”


  • 6k / r / android au
  • [google search>what to do when you're in love with an android]

21st century boy

  • 18k / pg-13 / au
  • he thinks it’s a problem. it should be a problem. yoongi wonders what he’s doing and - and he doesn’t know how to make himself stop. doesn’t know if he even wants to.

그 손을 내밀어줘, save me

  • 54k / r / au
  • In which Jungkook is angry, nearly a high school drop out, and alone, and Yoongi is an adult who is struggling, and somehow, they find someone to save them in each other.
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