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Comedy as satire is acceptable, as fun it is a pleasant haven of escape, but the fairy tale of happiness ever after cannot be taken seriously; it belongs to the never-never land of childhood, which is protected from the realities [...]; just as the myth of heaven ever after is for the old, whose lives are behind them and whose hearts have to be readied for the last portal of the transit into night...

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Lídia hobbies ( anime · and · tv shows - 2020 )

○ Cuarto individual (plz g0d i sw3ar)

ø leer más que el año pasado (+ de 19 libros)

○ Un artista o movimiento cada 2 semanas

ø Irnos todos un día a la playa o a pasar un día juntos

○ Pasar todos los apuntes a mano a ordenador (drive aparte?)

ø Estudiar literatura e historia del arte en verano

○ Hacer vídeos de LO QUE SEA probar mil cosas

ø Ir a un mercadillo/ tienda segunda mano a por ropa

aug 12 2018 ∞
jan 7 2020 +